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Gary Sunderland

Gary Sunderland has been in the professional hairdressing industry for over 24 years. He has travelled the world presenting shows and seminars to the professional hairdressing industry in his own unique style. The creative flair and passion for his ďnot the normĒ out of the box thinking has captured the attention of hairdressers that attend...

Karin asks:
Hi Iím 14 and Iíve noticed that a lot of my hair started falling out... i stared dying my hair red a few months ago could that be the cause of this problem? .. Iíve also noticed that my hair gets frizzy and has lots of flyaways although my hair is naturally straight/wavy and it also gets bushy towards the ends... Please give me some advice...are there any products that i could use to make my hair more shiny and smooth and to stop the hair loss?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Hi Karin.

On average you will loose around 100 hairs a day. ...More >

Depending on how often you wash it then this can seem quite allot of hair loss.

I do not think the colour would be contributing towards this.

At your young age allot of changes can be happening to your body.

What I would do recommend is below:

Wash your hair twice when you wash it.

Massage your hair and scalp to stimulate blood flow through your scalp to the hair itself.

I would recommend Love Potion Shampoo and Conditioner.

This combination is rich in Arginine what will promote healthy hair growth.

I would also use the Liquid Gold Gelee.

This is a light whipped gel that is packed full of moisture. It will not weigh your hair down but will thicken it and stop it being flyaway.

Most of your problems can e down to over use of hair straighteners if you use them.

Follow what I mention above and you should be fine.

If you do use hair straighteners then reduce the temperature to below 190 C as this will help.

E Jones asks:
I have naturally blonde red hair which is unusually fine and not very thick. It is poker straight and sits flat even after blow drying with volume boosters and using straighteners at the roots to provide lift - also wind moisture etc totally flattens it out again. I use to have a great hair stylist who managed to cut a shape into my hair which meant it didnít flatten within two hours (it lasted all day even in poor weather) and still held its shape when I went for my next eight week cut - however this stylist left the salon and they wonít tell me where she went! I have tried to explain to at least six different stylists at various country wide salons who charge a lot for a cut (which I am happy to pay if I get a good cut) that my hair needs shape cutting in - what term should I use. My old stylist use to "thin" my hair which gave more ummph - when I tell them this they use those texurising scissors on the layer ends which just makes it flyaway and this doesnít give any lift or volume. Also after two weeks itís sitting flat to my head again! Could you please tell me what technique I should be asking for - as the "senior" stylists I have come across appear to have a total lack of understanding/knowledge on how to cut my type of hair - I canít believe Iím the only one! My hair use to be jaw length and cut up into the back to provide bulk and we would alter the longish fringe to the side depending on the mood and or define layers around the face - as styles changed. I am getting really desperate as I am a 43 yr old who can not afford to look like a drowned rat or disaffected teenager! Please help!!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I wish I could tell you that this was the first time I have heard this, but it could not be further from the truth.

Under no circumstances let a stylist attack your hair with texturising/thinning shears, it will make your hair FLAT and FRIZZY. ...More >

You will definitely get the best results with a soft razoring technique "internal diffusion" which gives you soft supporting volume to prolong the volume and lift you need.

In all my years this is the only technique that truly works.

Please ensure you use a very experienced stylist competent in this technique, as in the wrong hands it will result in your hair been thinner and flatter.

Good luck

Clare asks:
I have very long, thick and wavy/curly hair depending on the day really. I donít blow dry or dye it and I use the occasional hair mask, it has always been very healthy.

About 7 months ago, almost over night it became very rough and impossible to pull apart resulting in these clumps of frizzy knots, it almost feels like velcro. Iíve tried everything from using products with no protein to home remedies like apple cider vinegar but it hasnít helped. Iím worried I will have to cut it all off as itís very unmanageable. Iíd appreciate any advice, thank you!


Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Hi Clare

This is interesting but obviously a worry to you. ...More >

Have you changed anything in you styling or shampoo conditioning routine.

For it to change almost overnight it is something to do with what you are or are not using.

This sometimes happens with a change in the water (ph or hard water) you have not moved house?

A few quick tips.

Shampoo your hair like normal but before you rinse it out take your hands into the roots at your scalp.
Close your fingers together and smooth down from roots to ends while shampoo is on hair.

Do the same with your conditioner or treatment.

If need be after rinsing and before styling apply a small amount of serum or oil and again smooth through and style as normal.

This isnít a hair problem it is a styling regime product or water change.

It can also help( donít laugh using silk pillows that wonít create static or a silk loose fitting hat or beeni)

I know sounds daft but loads of my friends with fros do exactly this)


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