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Gary Russell

Gary Russell: Before becoming a key member of The Chapel team way back in 2003, our Creative Director had already honed his skills with some of the biggest names in the hair industry, from Charles Worthington to LíOreal.Over this period Gary also worked as a session stylist, delivering the gold-standard at live fashion shows and glossy magazines ph...

Mina Winter asks:
Last week I went to the hairdressers and my hair was a medium brown colour with dark roots. I asked them if they could dye it grey, leaving my dark roots since this is quite trendy now. They assessed my hair in a consultation. They asked for £75, I agreed. I went and came out with 50 different colours in my hair but it was fine because they all looked grey. Then I washed my hair a few days later with regular shampoo and my hair was green and orange at the top. Went back and they said it was because I didnít use silver shampoo. I was sceptical of this because it was just after 1 wash and such a dramatic colour change. So they tried to fix it and made it even worse. Now there were 100 colours in my hair from dark brown to grey with green orange and yellow in. I got really upset because I even had a hair consultation and they told me they could get my hair like that. Then they asked me what dye I home coloured with before and I said Garnier Olia- apparently it created an oil barrier so they couldnít do anything. They then put a dark brown in my hair after all that damage. Came out fine but way darker than I would like. I was so angry and Iím never going back there. They didnít even give me a refund. My question is after this natural black colour if I use a normal shampoo or try to fade the colour what will happen?

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Hey Mina.

Okay, so I can see the journey you have taken, and there are many reasons on why you have ended up with multi-tone hair, but lets stick with your main question. ...More >

Colour fade shampoos will help maintain the colour and slow down or prevent colour fade.

However as this is not what you want I would recommend a shampoo that is going to look after the condition of your hair. Redkenís Extreme would be a great choice , this is because your hair has been through a lot by de-colourizing (using bleach) to lift your hair.

As the fade will happen over time, I would not try to lift it with any chemical process at the moment, and if that is something you are looking into then you should see a stylist. Tell them exactly what you had on your hair pre your last experiences and then everything that has been applied during that experience.

They will do a strand test to see if it is possible, do not try any of this at home.

However I would recommend waiting a few weeks to see where the shade has lifted to, then naturally re-evaluate.

All the best,


Morgan asks:
Years ago, I had been going to this hair salon. Before I even went to the hair salon, my hair was healthy, silky, and just beautiful. When I went to the salon, this guy would blow dry, hot comb, and straighten my hair...way too much heat. I eventually stopped going to him because I noticed my hair wasnít as think and long as it use to be. After I stopped going, I figured I could manage my own hair and get it back to the way it use to be, but itís been SOOOOOO hard. I feel Iíve done everything, but then again, maybe I havenít. Any suggestions?

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Yes, heat can destroy your hair, however there are so many products on the market that you can use to prevent this.

Whenever you do purchase a heat protector always check how high the degree of protection is as some can be very low. ...More >

One great product is Redkenís Pillow Proof express primer cream. It will reduce your blow-drying time, helps reduce any breakage and will protect from heat up to 450 degrees: itís a must have product in my book.

Always make sure you have a regular cut and ask your stylist what shampoo you should be using. Using a salon shampoo and conditioner will ensure that your hair always looks salon fresh. I know they can work out more expensive however itís worth the extra spend and if used correctly will last longer. Also make sure you are using a treatment on your hair at least once a month, People say "I donít have the time for it", but my answer is: make the time, its an important part of looking after your hair. Make a pamper night for yourself: nails, hair, skin and that all important glass of wine. Unwinding and releasing stresses is good for you and your hair, so a pamper night is essential.

Here are a few more top tips:

When shampooing your hair always wash just the roots, do not bring the shampoo through the ends, its enough cleansing for the hair as your rinsing out the suds.

Always put the conditioner through the mid lengths and ends.

Never brush your hair when wet, comb it, if your hair is long start at the bottom of the hair and work to the root, this will help with knots and ensure you are not tugging in any way.

A silk pillow will help avoid any damage from any friction whilst sleeping.

And finally a good well balanced healthy diet, we are what we eat as they say.

If you are doing all of this and more then you are well on your way for shiny healthy hair.

Will asks:
Hello, I am a 44 year old male who currently has short hair but would like to grow it long. I do have really thick hair though so what would be the best way to go about it? Do I just not get it cut and let it grow or would I need to get it trimmed and styled regularly? I would like it to be trendy and cut to a long, thick style instead of just a mass of hair.

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Hey Will

First I would grow out the top if that is short. Once you have longer hair you can then begin to grow the rest and look at tucking it behind the ear and keeping it trimmed around every 10 weeks. There will be times you will want to chop it off as it will go through different phases. Make sure you see the same stylist each time you go as they will remember what you are aiming for and saves you explaining it again and again to somebody new each time. Also get some advice on products you will need a good wax to hold it back. If your hair is thick go for water wax (03) by Redken great for calming thick hair down.

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