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Samantha asks:
I got a spiral perm at Christmas and I love it, I haven't dyed my hair for 3 months and I made the mistake of box dyeing it. I want to get it salon done, but I'd have to strip it first. With my hair permed, do you think this will put too much strain on my hair? Is it ok or should I just wait?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
I think what would be a wise thing to do, would be to go into a good salon and get a strand test done and that should tell you and the colourist if itís going to work.

Bella asks:
I have had a semi brown out on my hair and I wanted a dark blonde colour it is very dark can I book highlights within the next few weeks or will this look a mess!

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
If itís a true semi colour it will wash out within 6 shampoo's. However, many people are confused whether the Semi is more permanent. If so, then you colourist needs to test to see if it will lighten with another colour. Test this first and then you will see if you can go lighter. If not you can have the dark colour removed safely and without any harm from a product called Eraser by Affinage - it removes artificial colour easily WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE as it is not a bleach.

Marie asks:
I have medium brown coloured hair, with a side fringe. It is shoulder length and it flicks out at the ends like a hairstyle from the 60s, which I really hate. I try straightening it but it is layered at the top so little bits stick out. I am quite short and I have a heart shaped face I donít think long hair would suit me, what kind of hairstyle do you think would suit me.

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
It is very difficult to say what would suit you without seeing a photo of you and your hair. But I would say that any length can suit anyone - but it must be cut to your face and hair type. If you are short long big hair just makes you look shorter. So if you went for longer hair keep it flatter. Look at Danni Minogue - she is just 5 ft and looks great with longer hair. Sorry I canít be more helpful

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