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Morgan asks:
Years ago, I had been going to this hair salon. Before I even went to the hair salon, my hair was healthy, silky, and just beautiful. When I went to the salon, this guy would blow dry, hot comb, and straighten my hair...way too much heat. I eventually stopped going to him because I noticed my hair wasnít as think and long as it use to be. After I stopped going, I figured I could manage my own hair and get it back to the way it use to be, but itís been SOOOOOO hard. I feel Iíve done everything, but then again, maybe I havenít. Any suggestions?

Gary RussellAnswered By:
Gary Russell
Yes, heat can destroy your hair, however there are so many products on the market that you can use to prevent this.

Whenever you do purchase a heat protector always check how high the degree of protection is as some can be very low. ...More >

One great product is Redkenís Pillow Proof express primer cream. It will reduce your blow-drying time, helps reduce any breakage and will protect from heat up to 450 degrees: itís a must have product in my book.

Always make sure you have a regular cut and ask your stylist what shampoo you should be using. Using a salon shampoo and conditioner will ensure that your hair always looks salon fresh. I know they can work out more expensive however itís worth the extra spend and if used correctly will last longer. Also make sure you are using a treatment on your hair at least once a month, People say "I donít have the time for it", but my answer is: make the time, its an important part of looking after your hair. Make a pamper night for yourself: nails, hair, skin and that all important glass of wine. Unwinding and releasing stresses is good for you and your hair, so a pamper night is essential.

Here are a few more top tips:

When shampooing your hair always wash just the roots, do not bring the shampoo through the ends, its enough cleansing for the hair as your rinsing out the suds.

Always put the conditioner through the mid lengths and ends.

Never brush your hair when wet, comb it, if your hair is long start at the bottom of the hair and work to the root, this will help with knots and ensure you are not tugging in any way.

A silk pillow will help avoid any damage from any friction whilst sleeping.

And finally a good well balanced healthy diet, we are what we eat as they say.

If you are doing all of this and more then you are well on your way for shiny healthy hair.

Danielle asks:
I have thick, highlighted blonde hair, which is just below the shoulder in length. It is not dry or damaged but can get greasy on the scalp. Can you recommend a shampoo and conditioner that will work for me?

Benjamin ShipmanAnswered By:
Benjamin Shipman
I would recommend the Kebelo Revitalising Shampoo, which has been designed to care for oily hair. This hard working shampoo contains amaranth, wheat, soy, jojoba and superfood quinoa protein, all of which help to replenish the hair and reduce sebum production, leaving strands glossy, smooth and strong, without weighing it down or leaving any residue.

Follow your shampoo with the Kebelo BONDAGE Weekly Colour Masque. This unique strengthening treatment, used once a week at home, delivers an instant injection of strength to the bonds within colour-treated hair, leaving it visibly stronger, healthier and repaired, and of course, looking great!

Danielle Mee asks:
I wanted to ask for some advice. I have thick highlighted hair which is just below shoulder in length. It is not dry or damaged but can get greasy on scalp. Is dark blonde with light blonde highlights through. I can not for the life of me find any shampoo or conditioner that work. I just wandered if there was any that could be recommended?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
One thing most people make the mistake of is by using a moisturising shampoo as they have coloured hair, buy one for normal hair or greasy hair the best ones and see through rather than opaque. Use a moisturising conditioner but just from your ears done and make sure you comb it through. Dry shampoo is a must as well, also if you blowdry use an acrylic brush rather than a bristle brush that way you arenít encouraging more than required moisture from the scalp.

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