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Denise asks:
I am 24, and I have been dying my hair for about two years now, the same colour, Igora Schwarzkopf, 12/1, in the summer my colour is at its best but in the winter it goes really brassy and its always darker underneath and I hate it, is there anything I could put on it to lighten it and have it a white/pearl blonde rather that a dull brassy blonde?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
There is nothing wrong with dying your own hair, there are lots of products available today. However from time to time I think it is important to visit a professional hair colouring technician. They are able to assess why your hair changes and apply corrective measure to help give you the colour you want all over. It is worth spending the money to achieve this because in the long run you would have helped yourself to keep your hair in good condition. You might not think that keeping your hair in good condition is vital, at our hair extension & enhancement studio we are helping a lot of women in their late 30's - 60 years enhance their hair by adding extensions for volume and colour alone. Most of them regretting the over processing with chemical in their earlier years. So whenever possible use a professional hairdresser or technician.

kate asks:
I am getting married and have long layered, very thick hair. I would love to have my hair up but want to make sure that the style I choose will not fall out. I am not sure what style to go for, I have tried a french pleat and the pins just fall out. I am not sure that a hairdresser will understand just how heavy and thick my hair is. What should I do??

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
Trust the professionals! Hairdressers work with all types of hair textures on a daily basis and know all the tricks of the trade! Heavy, thick hair is a challenge but it is workable if you know how. Visit some bridal experts in your local salon and ask their advice and suggestions - book in for a hair up session and see who you think ígets youí and then talk about a look for your wedding.

Daisy asks:
I have waist length, naturally dark brown hair and last week I went to a salon to get it coloured for the first time. I wanted the Balayage style with a slightly lighter brown. After the treatment, I couldnít see any difference in the salon but now Iím home I see a very rusty/brassy uneven colour on my hair. Itís blotchy in places with red tones and my hair feels very damaged and dry. I had no split ends before this but now I have a lot of split ends and in general my hair is dried out and frizzy, even after conditioning treatments. Iím not sure what to do now. I donít want to use a colour stripper, because itís often damaging and I canít afford to go back to a salon (they charged me about 200 pounds for this awful cut and colour).

Hayley Gibson-ForbesAnswered By:
Hayley Gibson-Forbes
If your hair has been ruined by a colourist, the best thing to do is complain at the time and refuse to pay full price. Explain why itís not what you wanted and how itís different to what you asked for. Most salons will simply refund you or offer to correct the damage, as they wonít want to damage their reputation. I recommend that you go back to the salon and explain why you are unhappy. Ask for a full consultation before you proceed with the colour correction.

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