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Kate asks:
I have long thick naturally curly hair and am constantly being told that there is not a lot that can be done with it styling or cut wise due to the curl. Can you dispel/confirm this myth and give me advice on what to ask for at the hairdresser?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Firstly, find a new hairdresser as the advice you have had is rubbish!!!

Natural curl or wave is beautiful when the correct technique is applied. I would recommend that you buy (if you have not already got some) some of the latest magazines with curly hairstyles in. You could also look at the style gallery on the site. ...More >

Here are some very important factors to remember with curly hair.

1. Adding layers into your hair can increase the volume and width of your hairstyle. Curly hair does not like this!

2. This impactís on the styling routing and overall look of the finished style.

3. As there are many ways of technically cutting curly/wavy hair for a desired look, without actually seeing the amount of curl you have, it is difficult to recommend which technique should be used for best effect.

Some suggestions:

Weave cutting internal layers into curly/wavy hair place layers inside your style ( in the interior) and will not increase the volume or width as they open spaces within your hair cut to allow your curl/wave to fall more freely, looking more natural (Gloria Estefan).

Skimming internal layers into your internal shape with a blade or razor can increase or decrease curl depending what you want?

As I said above a good stylist SHOULD be able to advise what are your best options and give you something beautiful.

Good luck

Julie asks:
I have always wanted an Ash Blonde color but it always takes a green. Anything I can do to prevent this? My natural colour is medium brown but I am currently a light blonde that is absent any nice colour.

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
The colour you are using is too Ash and contains a Green Ash shade. There are many Ash shadeís for colouring - Cendre Ash - Violet Ash - Blue Ash and Green Ash. They also contain different strengths of Ash content. You need to get away from the Green Ash and use a Cendre or Violet ash instead. You also need to have this green colour corrected in a salon first before you change your regrowth colour.

Brooke asks:
I have had extremely bad dandruff for as long as I can remember at least 15yrs. I have tried many dandruff shampoos for example T-Gel, Head & Shoulders extreme dandruff etc..... at least 5-6 brands that I have found!! I have also tried washing my hair less and more often over the years. I tried many different salon brand shampoos too! Nothing seems to work. The dandruff seems to feel like scabs but if you pull them off it is just a big chunk of white dandruff. I talked to a dermatologist when there for a mole removal and she just blew it off like it was nothing other than normal dandruff. What are some possible conditions that could cause this? Do you have any different suggestions for relief? Any help that you could give me would be highly appreciated!!

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
I am not a doctor, but it sounds like you have a case of Psoriasis which they say can be stress related. Try Paul Mitchell Tea Tree with Lavender, it's a new shampoo that has just come out, and try washing your hair every day and see what happens, if it does not help you should consult another dermatologist.

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