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Lauren asks:
My hair is a plain mousey brown and I want to lighten it, I have had highlights before but they don't make my hair especially light, I have seen pictures of hair colours I would like and it looks as if they have an all over colour and then highlights on top. I had a bad experience a few years ago where a hairdresser used bleach all over and put heat on it, which resulted in half my hair falling out and splitting off. I have just got it back to a good thickness and length and donít want to do anything to ruin this but I have seen many people with long blonde thick hair and wondered how they keep it? What would you recommend?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Without seeing your hair I would have thought that you could lift your natural colour to the blonde you desire without using a bleach, which can be very damaging to the hair.

I would suggest having highlights and not an all over colour as again this can be very drying on your hair. What I would strongly recommend is a free consultation with a reputable hairdresser before doing anything else. They might do a strand test first to make sure your hair is strong enough and to see how light your hair will lift to.

Frances asks:
I am 48 years old and in my youth had very thick, coarse red hair. This is now nearly grey and has become more frizzy lately. I think the frizzy ness is related to not being able to use the hair products that have worked well for a few years (Aveda), because of a sore and sensitive scalp. I have my hair cut regularly and I have just started using my son's hair straighteners (which I haven't used since I was 18)! But I'm aware that this route might not be the best. Any ideas?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
You are right when you say that using hair straighteners everyday is not ideal because of drying the hair out.

There are other products to use on your hair such as Sebastian Potion 9, which is a leave in conditioner. This will help reduce the frizziness and enable you to wear your hair curly on certain days, leaving you the option to straighten your hair on others. ...More >

Also consider using Wella System Professional products for your sore and sensitive scalp to see if this helps.

Amy asks:
I have a longish bob at the moment and I'm having my hair cut soon but I don't know what to have done, as I don't think it is long enough to have it taken out of a bob yet. I have wavy/bushy hair. I also don't know if a block fringe would suit me as I have a heart shaped face. What would you recommend I get done?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
As you have a heart shaped face, you can pretty much get away with any hair style that you like, as long as you avoid top heavy cuts. Bobs look great on your face shape and they work well in longer lengths too. When you go to get your hair cut, explain that you are growing your hair so would like to keep the length but just need some shape cut into your style. Ask for soft layers to soften your chin area - keep the layers cut as close to your jaw line as possible so that they can fall on to your face. Instead of going for a full block fringe which may be difficult to maintain with wavy hair, and will create too much volume on the top of your head, ask for a softer, sweeping side fringe. As your hair is naturally wavy, itís easy for you to go for the natural, mussed up waves of Kate Hudson. Simply give your hair a quick blast with your dryer and spritz with Messed Up Spray Wax (£4.49 for 150ml) for that sexy rock chick look. To wear this style smooth and straight will take you a little longer as your hair is naturally wavy, but rest assured a few extra minutes of prep will ensure your locks stay perfect all day! When blow-drying, point the dryer down the hair shaft to keep the follicles smooth, flat and shiny. Spritz your hair with a Heat Protection Spray and go over your hair lightly with Straighteners. To get your fringe looking super sexy, smooth a tiny amount of Shine Serum before giving it a quick blast with your dryer, leaving it smooth and polished!

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