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Annemarie asks:
I have quite long hair - and I have curly hair but I want the big long curls at the end but it never comes out well any ideas? Or should I think about hair e-tons with the curls in it?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
The best way to get this look is to blow dry straight and then use your flat irons to curl the ends, this will give you the big curls that you want.

Angela asks:
I have brownish red hair and want a change, dark hair looks too severe so just wondering how easy would be for my red hair to go blonde, also the maintenance and the fact I straighten it?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
If your hair is dark with a warm red tone - going blonde is a difficult and lengthy process. If your hair is short it would be far easier, if not I would think long and hard about going straight to blonde. Your hair would have to be lightened with bleach and various tinting processes to achieve a good blonde tone. However, it would weaken and destroy the condition. Going blonde from Virgin hair (hair with no previous colouring) is far easier and less damaging. My only suggestion is to aim for blonde but to do it slowly - by lightening gradually over a long period of time.

Kay asks:
I have had blonde highlights for years. I am 55 and now have a lot of grey. This time I decided to have honey and caramel highlights and my hairdresser suggested having the roots tinted. The tint turned my roots ginger and as I wash it it's getting lighter. Also she has cut chunks out of one side of my hair, (which is quite long). Apart from changing my hairdresser, can you suggest anything please?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
It sounds quite bad. Your hairdresser is obviously not highly trained in colour. Her suggestion to tint the roots and add highlights was a good idea, but her colour choice was incorrect. You need to have less warmth in the tinted colour and this can be corrected easily by an experience colourist. Make an appointment for a consultation with a few recommended colourists and then go with the one you feel most comfortable with. Itís not a disaster; it can be fixed easily and quickly.

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