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Sue asks:
How can I make my hair grow it always seems the same length when I get a trim my hair seems to stop at one length HELP!

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
I have worked with many ladies who claim to have a similar problem. So they decide to try hair extensions to give them the immediate length they want. We usually apply the extensions using the integrated weave technique, this does not damage your hair but it does encourage three things if you follow our guidelines a) Rests your hair and helps improve the condition through the conditioning regime we recommend in order to keep your hair extensions from drying out. b) You start to visible see hair growth each month every time the weft is retightened. c) Your new growth is thicker virgin hair that has not been treated with colouring etc. You can grow your own hair quite long at the back before you decide to start treating it with any chemical. You can successfully do this because the hair extension technique we recommend hides your new re-growth. Have a look at our website to see a step by step on the application of the integrated weave we did for Miss England.

Carlene asks:
I am an accountant, and a full-time mum of 4. I do not have much time to spend on doing my hair. I am considering a new style but do not know what to choose that would suit my body. I need something professional and easy to do and take care of. Currently I have long hair that is naturally wavy, and frizzy. I do have bangs that I poof up. My hair is always getting in the way. Up hairstyles do not flatter me much. They tend to make me look fatter then I am already. I would appreciate your help on picking a hair style that would suit my body and my profession.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
You need to learn to control your frizzy hair, try JF Lazartigue styling gel to curl or straighten your hair. Get yourself a good set of straightening irons they will minimise your time and they are a good tool to make your hair look great in seconds. As for the style, talk to your hairdresser about your face shape but perhaps a bob below chin level graduated at the back would look smart fashionable and stylist in curly or straight

Alexa asks:
Well, I have long brown, thick hair, about 5inches from my shoulders. I just got long layers on the bottoms. One of the problems that I have, is when I get out of the shower, and if I blow dry my hair, it comes out very puffy, and frizzy. It drives me crazy. I am 13, and hair is a big thing. I have bangs to the side also. My hair is tapered, what would be a good style, and look. Smething that I could do with those problems?.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
What hair products are you using? If you are just drying it with no styling or heat protection this will be why you are getting puffy, frizzy hair. Styling products will not only protect your hair but create a style. But, do not go mad with products, just use one or two to create the desired effect otherwise it will go too sticky or too limp. Use a frizz reducing product whilst you hair is damp and then blow-dry straight or curly.

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