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Cindy asks:
I am 46 years old and have slightly coarse, wavy and thick hair all my life. I have a round to oval face and I am hoping to find a wash and go style. I am considering a perm to give my style a tighter and all over curl as the top layer of my hair does not curl well only the underneath. Do you think a perm with large rollers would work well or just go for a shoulder length type haircut? Currently my hair is blonde (no highlights in over a year) and about shoulder length with tapering and bottom of the eye length bangs.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
How lucky are you to have coarse, wavy thick hair all your life? Why don't you first have your hair cut into a style that would encourage your natural waves and use the correct styling products to help? Then if you still need more than certainly go ahead and have some soft movement put through your hair if the condition of your hair allows it. The salon would probably do a strand test for you prior to any perm. Go for it

Laura asks:
I am a 37 year old woman going on 30 and have 60% grey/salt pepper hair to scared to get it dyed professionally and donít know what colour to go for my hair is really short, also what is the best kind of shampoo/conditioner to use I currently use Head and Shoulders.

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
First of all Iím glad you know that your chronological age has nothing to do with how you feel! If your hair is already at 60% grey your original base colour will be less of an influence on your colour choices. If you are worried about complete change; you may want to start with subtle hi-lights in you hair that can blend with your natural colours, yet still liven your short cut up. When you are ready for a stronger change get some professional help on what colours work with your skin tone and go for it! Always remember a color change (like changing your clothes) needs to be an overall feeling; so your make up and accessories should be telling the same story to complete your new look.

As for shampoo and conditioner; remember your grey hair will normally get dryer as time goes on and often has a courser nature. I would suggest Senscience Silk Moisture as a great long term shampoo and conditioner to allow the right amount of moisture for your shorter look whilst helping the various textures in your hair to stay healthy and lush.

Ceri asks:
I have really thick hair, which is wavy and reaches my lower back and I just don't know what to do about it! I can't wear it down because it just looks ridiculously bushy and triangular but I can't wear it up because it's just so frizzy! Straightening it takes hours so isn't really an option. I'm really fed up with it because it's just so unmanageable! I'd like to get it cut so that I don't constantly have to work so hard with it, so I can just leave it down. But I have a very chubby face and am concerned that cutting it would just make my face look bigger! Please help!

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
Senscience recently launches with its professional straightening system which is revolutionizing the lives of people with hair like yours. The thermal straightener with Shiseido technology takes several hours to complete within a salon setting but the lasting results of soft, silky flowing hair are truly remarkable. And once completed instead of constantly flat ironing your hair, you will be able to was a wear you hair up or down! Even if you were thinking of cutting you hair shorter it will benefit from this treatment; as your shorter look with not puff up on you when you are styling it. Call 01282 683100 for available professional salons in your area. Enjoy the new you! It will change your life!

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