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Joyce asks:
For 2 months last year I took steroid (Bundesmide) for Colitis. How long should I wait before having my hair permed again.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Colitis is an inflammation of the colon which around 1 in 1000 people in the UK can develop at any age any time. Normally after taking steroids for short term use there are no long term side affects. However if you have been taking them for several months then there is a much higher chance of having side effects and simple things causing problems. I recommend if your really desperate to have a perm to visit your GO and follow advice from them. One of my pet hates is to hear people say 'íI canít cope without a perm. If you have been having perms for years then I would recommend itís about time you changed your style find yourself a new younger, feel good look and bring out a brand new you. Think positive and do away with the perm, feel open minded. Remember your health is more important give it a try.

Sarah asks:
My friend described my face as up side down egg. I think that may be oval but Iím not so sure. I have very dark brown hair which is wavy and gets frizzy if I donít straighten it, so I obviously straighten my hair. What Iím not so sure about is what style I should choose and whether I suit a fringe or not. So far I just layer my hair and have a side fringe which sticks out horribly when it gets down the cheek level. I really have no idea what style would be best for me. I also straighten my hair at night only because after straightening my hair goes really puffy.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
Your friend has a funny way of describing things! It does sound like you have an oval face shape and this type of face shape suits most styles. I think you should visit a professional hair salon and have a consultation and see what they come up with, they should also give you advice on how to style your hair at home and which products will make it so you only need to use the irons once a day. I would go with an open mind and go for a fringe to strengthen up your look.

Sammie asks:
I have really thick hair that is hard to manage. Itís also very dry since I have put a lot of dyes in it over the years. I have an oval face and my hair is mid- length with a fringe, but I would like to get a bob for a change of look. Please can you let me know if this style would be possible?

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
Bobs of all shapes and sizes are the hairstyle of the moment, thanks to celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. You should feel lucky to have an oval face-shape, as most styles will suit you. If youíre feeling extra brave why not try a 1920ís inspired Ďbaby bobí; an extra short bob with a blunt fringe, recently made famous by the ultra cool Agyness Deyn, and therefore guaranteed to be the next big thing in hair trends! If this kind of striking cut sounds daunting, why not go for a more relaxed, playful bob like Gwyneth Paltrowís, which can then be styled in a lose, tousled way, or straightened to perfection for a striking, glamorous look. As you mentioned you used to regularly colour your hair, I would recommend using a deep nourishing shampoo and conditioner, such as Fudge Torture Tonic (£9.95 each), which will rebuild any dry and damaged hair, promoting a healthy, glossy shine.

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