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S Chambers asks:
I am 50 and have long hair and always wear it up. I would like to get my hair styled but donít know what style would suit me?

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
I suggest simple easy styles for day wear like a loose bun thatís undone. Allow some hair to fall around the face, so your hair looks a little messed up. Pin and place the hair up and away anywhere below the crown down towards the nape zone that keeps it modern. Piled on top looks dated. Try accessorizing the hair (Kent Brushes have a lovely range from Camila Paris)

Evening Ė add a bit of movement like heated rollers or curling irons. Create a different vibe. Donít make the movement too uniform. Place hair up and wear as described above. To keep hair modern and fresh donít over do it, avoid lots of hair spray. Kind of let the hair do its thing. If the hair looks too rigid it looks old fashioned. Remember healthy, shiny hair will always look stunning.

Annemarie asks:
I have a long/oval face and very thick hair which even with top quality straighteners is very hard to straighten and to keep straight at the minute it is shoulder length but I am thinking of going for a bob style but unsure of what will suit my face and hair

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
You might want to try working with your natural movement or smooth some of the movement out by blow-drying with a brush. If youíre finding your hair difficult to straighten, then itís not the look for you. There are some options when if you wish to keep the hair straight. You could opt for a chemical straightening process that permanently straightens/relaxes your natural movement, such as the new Senscience Straight system (01282 683100). However it requires maintaining visiting the salon, costly and should only be done by a professional. Unless you wish to spend time and practice with the straightening irons, thereís no other solution. ...More >

Regarding what suits your face. Straight hair can sometimes emphasis a longer face shape. A little natural movement can soften a longer face shape and increase volume and body in to the hairstyle, good for a long face. The objective is to reduce the length of the face from fore head to chin. Try a fringe, long, choppy layered there are all types of fringes this will automatically shorten the face.

Focus on building width around the temple area down towards the chin or wherever the narrowest point of the face. Avoid height, as this will make the face appear longer. Layers are excellent for adding movement and softness to wavy, curly, and straight hair. Layers make any hairstyle look modern.

Cindy asks:
I am 46 years old and have slightly coarse, wavy and thick hair all my life. I have a round to oval face and I am hoping to find a wash and go style. I am considering a perm to give my style a tighter and all over curl as the top layer of my hair does not curl well only the underneath. Do you think a perm with large rollers would work well or just go for a shoulder length type haircut? Currently my hair is blonde (no highlights in over a year) and about shoulder length with tapering and bottom of the eye length bangs.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
How lucky are you to have coarse, wavy thick hair all your life? Why don't you first have your hair cut into a style that would encourage your natural waves and use the correct styling products to help? Then if you still need more than certainly go ahead and have some soft movement put through your hair if the condition of your hair allows it. The salon would probably do a strand test for you prior to any perm. Go for it

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