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Pam asks:
I have an oblong face, and am a little bit chubby round the cheeks, but everything else is fine. I also have straight dark brown hair. > What sort of hairstyle would suit me the most?

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
If you are seeing yourself with an íoblong faceí; it normally points to a longer shape to your face. Although you have some chubbiness around the cheeks; this will not tend to íround the face out, so over all you want to avoid shapes that will draw on your features and accentuate length. If you are wearing your hair straight avoid gong too long on the sides and front, as this will only draw down on your face. Some longer layer for movement could be just what youíre looking for. As for the color; not knowing your skin tone, eye colour etc; I would suggest a consultation with a local professional that you feel comfortable with; they can give you incite as to why certain colours will work for you best.

Ellie asks:
I recently dyed my hair and it has turned a strong copper almost ginger colour. I then went to the hair salon and had a semi permanent dark brown but I hated it and it washed out really quickly. It was almost black as it faded it went considerably dark. I had a stylist in and she placed a toner on it and placed blonde highlights in it which I wasnít very happy with. Unfortunately I canít afford to have anything done. What colour would you suggest and what product. If I do manage to afford to get it done would it damage my hair and make it the consistency of straw?

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
I would recommend you to use a semi or demi permanent colour to deposit a shade only, these types of products are the least damaging to your hair, and they will fade off and are not permanent. If you are looking to lighten your hair, I would advise you to have a professional do that service because lightening products such as bleaches or high lifting colors can cause more stress to the hair and if you do not know what you are doing can cause damage.

Laura asks:
For the past 6-8 months I've noticed my hair get gradually more and more greasy. Now it is greasy all the time, and especially bad after it's just been washed! I've always had highlighted hair so it always used to be dry if anything. I've always used top products recommended by my hairdresser which has always been ok. But since the problem has started I've tried clarifying shampoos and using a light conditioner. I only wash my hair twice a week so I don't over wash it. I thought maybe it could be product build up on my hair as it feels sticky and hard when I try to dry it after washing sometimes. If it is this what can I do to make my hair return to normal? Or do you have any other suggestions that could help? I've just had my hair coloured again recently and itís already looking dull. Also, it takes forever to dry.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Greasy hair can be such a nightmare because many products will just add to the build-up in your hair and may make it even greasier. By washing your hair twice a week you may actually have been making the greasiness worse! I would recommend you wash your hair every other day with a gentle shampoo and conditioner: one like my Colour Love shampoo and conditioner that is not only formulated to protect and enhance your new colour, but it is also specifically designed for over-stressed hair like yours. Make sure you shampoo twice really well, so that you are properly cleansing the scalp, and only apply the conditioner to the ends. Hopefully by following this routine you should take out some of the grease and put some nourishment back into your hair! Thereís no magic wand to get rid of greasy hair, but if you are in desperate need of a quick fix in between washes get your hands on some of my Poker Straight Dry Shampoo. Simply spray from about 16 cm into the root area that needs refreshing and by gently rubbing away the excess powder with your fingers; youíll be left with gorgeous smelling hair thatís full of body and volume

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