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Zoe asks:
I have been getting bleach and honey blonde highlights in my hair for 3 years now I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go for a tint

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
I think from your question that right now you are only bleaching your hair and you are wondering if you should be using hair colour (tint) instead of bleach? Bleach can be more stressful on the hair than a colour but depending on how light or dark you are will determine if you can achieve your honey blonde highlights with hair color or you might have to use a bleach to achieve your look.

Grainne asks:
I started going grey in my teens and now I am 30 with about 50% grey. I am medium brown naturally and dye my hair to this colour every 3 weeks to cover the roots that come through so quickly. I am worried about applying dye to my hair so often due to the chemicals. I have tried all the natural products and they donít work including Henna. It is also very time consuming to colour my hair so frequently and if I was to truly cover my grey I would do it every 2 weeks! I wonder if you can advise a style or method of colouring I could use to help disguise the grey when it comes through. I have a side parting so that probably makes the white line more obvious. Also, do you know of a safe more natural and effective way for me to cover my grey? Even some sort of hair marker to cover the white line would be good for in between dyes.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Unfortunately the word GREY seems to be a horrible word and almost anyone with grey hair wants to cover it, FAST if you were to keep the parting then hair mascara can be used, this is a pen like product that can be used in between your colour to disguise the roots. However if you was to cut your hair doing away with the parting and shorter this would disguise your grey even more so but you would still have to keep up your regular colour. Personally, I think all over grey on short hair can look great if it has a dynamic style to suit.

Kimberly asks:
I have been dying my hair a semi-permanent black for about 3 or 4 years now and Iím getting tired of it! I want red red red! Think Anne of Green Gables red! I have been doing research on getting black out, and I have found several mixed reviews. So my question is how bad is color Fix, or that LíOreal zap stuff? I have long, very soft, shiny beautiful hair and I donít want to destroy it. What advice do you have for me? And can you dye over the color fix?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
I get asked theses kind of questions frequently and there is really only one sure way of achieving the correct look you want. There are so many colours on the shop shelves these days itís hard to get the right one. If you really know what colour you want or have a picture of the shade you like take it in to a salon which specialises in colour and this colour should be able to be achieved on the same day in one session rather than choosing colours from the shops. Ideally, Jo Hansford and Daniel Galvin/Joshua Galvin are great recommended colour salons.

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