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Elizabeth asks:
I am 47 and not very good with my hair my face is round I had a Victoria Beckham short pob last year and could manage it. Is it still fashionable this year as I would love to have it cut again as I colour my hair and it grows out quick any advice would be great.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you liked Poshís pob but think that it might have gone out of style, then look no further than the Katie Holmeís take on it, still one of the most requested celebrity styles at my salons itís a Posh inspired bob, but with a natural bend in it, offering an illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair whilst framing the face and adding some serious sophistication there are two very different looks with this bob, depending on whether you want a high maintenance sleek look or low maintenance sexy textured look if you want the polished look you must first protect your hair against the heated appliances by applying some of my P2Fifty professional heat protection straightening mist then carefully blow dry down the hair shaft to get the cuticles as flat as possible finish with my Poker Straight and kinda curly irons and a mist of my Shine Head Shine Spray if you are opting for the textured low key messy look, you just need to give apply some protection mist and give your hair a good blast with the hair dryer maybe give the front section a quick run over with straightening irons, but you can leave it wavy for some serious texture use some Messed Up Wonder Webb for that havenít-tried-too-hard hair.

Gina asks:
I have fine hair and its very scraggy and layered I want a complete make over colour and cut. I was thinking of a blunt cut should I start growing my layers out? I have a Mediterranean skin colour any advice?

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
Well Gina, sounds like a plan to me! Great choice when you have unruly finer hair a strong blunt shape will look fabulous! But donít feel you have to suffer as you move towards your goal; your hairdresser will be able to start getting a solid shape with a little graduation into the exterior shape of your hair cut, as you grow the layers out. Itís a great way to transition and still feel stylish. As for your skin tone and colour. It sounds like you have an olive skin tone, so warmer reds, chocolate browns would all help to enhance a strong shape. But as always consult with your local professionals for advice and swatches, so you can see the choices for yourself.

Zoe asks:
I have been getting bleach and honey blonde highlights in my hair for 3 years now I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go for a tint

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
I think from your question that right now you are only bleaching your hair and you are wondering if you should be using hair colour (tint) instead of bleach? Bleach can be more stressful on the hair than a colour but depending on how light or dark you are will determine if you can achieve your honey blonde highlights with hair color or you might have to use a bleach to achieve your look.

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