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Amanda asks:
I have naturally curly hair, I have recently had my hair Cut to just below my chin after always having long hair. Iím happy with the style and wear it curly or straight. I have been thinking about having it cut shorter but am unsure if the curl would still look ok. I have looked into using a straightening product to permanently straighten it while it is shorter but am worried about the affect on my hair and if it would still grow back curly (wouldnít want to loose the curls forever!) I have long face and am tall and slim so also worried if short would suit me?

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
Straight hair will emphasise a long face shape, and body shape. Everything appears vertical from head to toe. So, a little movement will compliment your over all look. Permanently straightening the hair is not bad, when done correctly. Itís great, but it requires commitment. What is bad is when the hair is abused by too much straightening and then you have the desire to revert it all back to natural curls/wavy. Once the internal structure of the hair is changed it pretty much a done deal. My suggestions try cutting it shorter, use your natural hair Ė this all depends on hair texture, how firm or lose the movement. Usually going shorter will generally do things, reduce bulk (layering) or, make the hair/curl/movement lift way from the head (volume, bigger fuller shape) However there are many great products for curly hair.

Jo asks:
I use to have naturally wavy hair, but over the years due to diffusing it, it has become curly. After 15 years of the same style I decided to have my hair permanently straightened. I didnít want poker straight hair, more a loose curl. My hairdresser said that she would only leave the treatment on for a short period of time instead of the 30 minutes she would normally do. When she came to cut my hair it was poker straight and she was shocked, she informed me that it would drop out but could take up to 5 months. She did only charge me half of the normal cost as I had not got what I wanted. It is now nearly 4 months since I had my treatment and there are not any real signs of any of my curls coming back. Is there anything I can do? I canít stop straightening my hair as I cannot come to work looking messy.

Damien CarneyAnswered By:
Damien Carney
Sorry thereís not much you can do, the hair was relaxed too much, you can relax a curl for more control but your hair structures gone past that eg straightened too much. You either have to continue to straighten the regrowth so it matches the rest of the hair, this requires commitment, regular visits to the salon, and cost too. Or painful grow the hair out, wavy root area, straight ends. And then cut the hair much shorter and be done with it. Once the hair is straightened itís irreversible but you might consider real hair extensions if your hair can take them in the meantime.

Bunni asks:
I have crazy mixed hair, that I just canít tame no matter what I do! Iíve gone to salons for help but even they groan when it comes to blow drying or straightening my hair. Iíve put eggs and mayo in my hair, olive oil, different conditioners, and nothing seems to help at all. I just want my curls to be more relaxed and neat looking as opposed to this messy, puffy mess I was cursed with.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Use a good moisturizing shampoo and treatment conditioner to help with the condition of your hair. Also humidity is obviously getting into your hair either that or you are not drying your hair completely before straightening, which will cause your hair to revert to frizz. Make sure that you use a good non chemical hair relaxer such as Razzamatazz strait time, comb it through to make your hair smooth and then dry this in thoroughly before using flat irons. Your hair will dry faster than usual when using this product. Once your hair is dry use a serum such as razzamatazz glitz to keep out humidity.

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