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Marion asks:
I had some low lights about 2 months ago that reacted with a henna colour I had put in my hair ( I did not realise this would happen) so the hairdresser put an all over colour on to cover up the green. This has now faded and I am left with a thick band of greenish tinge at the back of my head. I have spent the last couple of years growing my hair and do not want to have it cut short again. The salon did a strand test to see if I could have another colour but it reacted badly. They said my hair would be worse. Please help! Is there anything I can do to neutralise the green or that I can use to cover it. It is also now really dry (my hair is naturally dry and wavy anyway so this is a nightmare!) I am now tying my hair back in a ponytail every day to disguise the problem.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Henna is a progressive dye that stays in the hair until it grows out, even if it looks as if it has completely faded. There is nothing you can do but use lots of conditioning treatments and gradually have the henna coloured hair cut off. Because of this problem I never recommend clients to use Henna on their hair at home.

Gracie asks:
I have been colouring and highlighting my hair since I was 13. I have no clue as to what my natural colour is, except that it is somewhere between a medium and dark brown. I have always loved playing dress-up with my hair and am constantly changing it. Right now it has platinum blonde, dark blonde, red, and dark brown highlights all through out. But lately I have been getting bored with it all and have been considering going back to one colour, preferably my natural colour (or as close as I can get to it.) Everyone’s telling me not to do it, that it will damage my hair, and I won’t like it. And my colourist says she will not do. That it would be very difficult since I have so many contrasting colours and she does not want to ruin my hair. Is this true? Is there really no way to go back to all one colour besides just letting it grow out? I have been growing my hair long for a couple years now and it is finally at a length that I love. It would take forever to let the colour grow out and I am NOT going to cut it. But I also do not want to completely damage it by being stubborn and doing something to it that everyone is telling me not to do! I do not care how much it would cost, I would be willing to pay just about anything... is there ANY way to go to my natural colour without frying my hair???

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
WOW your doing too much to that poor hair of yours, it would be very difficult for your colourist to do your natural colour, as you do not even know what it is. I would like to suggest perhaps you go for a rich chocolate brown, you could do that by using a rich colour semi permanent colour with minimum damage of the hair. As for the hair condition let me suggest a really good regime, all these products are by J F Lazartigue, Pre Shampoo Treatment with Shea Butter. Shampoo with collagen (this would restore all the little cracks from chemical damage) and finally a Moisturising conditioner. This is a really great regime I use in my salon and it always works wonders. Do not forget to send a before and after picture!

Joanne asks:
My natural hair colour is medium brown and I have always used home hair dyes and have gone for chestnut colours I have also used glue in (bonded) hair extensions and I have had these for 3 years and love them! I decided that I wanted to go blonde so I used a hair stripper and then hair dyes and finally after a week of hard work it went blonde but a very yellowish warm blonde. I went to the salon and he did not want to touch it and gave me Schwarzkopf professional bonacure hair therapy true silver shampoo, which came out like purple ink and I must say it toned my yellow hair brilliantly but my ends stayed a purple colour. I went back to my salon and he did not want to touch my hair again! I put a summer blonde all over and it worked yet it was still yellowish and I want more like a Sienna or Alex Curren blonde rather than a cheap yellow colour.. I kept it for about 2-3 weeks and already my roots were through! I found a love blonde colour which I wanted by Garnier 100% colour which was lightest ash blonde so I put it on and it is now grey all over! I feel depressed now and worn out with it all, I went to the salon and again he would not touch it! So I went to 2 other salons and they too will not touch my hair. Its not in really bad condition either believe it or not! I have always been good with my hair and never had drastic problems like this but now I am getting tired of it all!! Is there any home remedies or hair colours I can use to get this grey out! Please do not tell me to go to a salon and get it done properly or to find someone to do it professionally for me as I cannot afford it as I have spent enough already and I cannot find anyone to touch it! Can you please give me advise on how I can get from this grey to a blonde because I am stubborn and I do not want to give up and chuck a chestnut hair dye all over, I feel that I have come this far and need to be blonde and get my extensions back in!

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
I really think you need to give your hair a break from all this colouring! Hairdressers are professionals and have trained for many years to become experts and really do know what they are talking about. When you highlight or go blonde, then the downside is that your roots will show through and you will need to maintain them regularly. I am sorry but I would only be able to advice you to seek professional help - if money is an issue, then see about student nights/days and be a colour correction case-study. Hair extensions will only be applied to hair that is in good condition, again your hairdresser will advice if your hair in its current condition is suitable for extensions. Have you tried to speak to the Garnier helpline about this? They may be able to advice you. Sorry but as a professional hairdresser, I would only be able to advice you to seek professional help.

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