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Paige asks:
I have light brown hair/natural highlights and have long no layers or bangs just plain long I love the length but thinking maybe dying it blonde or getting layers?

My hair is thick what do you think?

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
You could have either or both! There would be no problem having layers and it could make it easier and faster for you to dry and style, you could also have some highlights through your hair that would give you a change. The best advice is to visit a reputable salon and have a consultation and put your trust in the hands or a good stylist!

Jodie asks:
Iím 15 and my hair is like Caribbean hair, itís naturally curly and frizzy. What can I use in my hair when I have my hair down curly? So it doesnít go big and frizzy? What can I use in my hair when I leave it straightened? Also I have tried so many things to wash my hair in?

Akin KoniziAnswered By:
Akin Konizi
Leaving your hair with a loose curl and frizz-less locks, the ĎBrazilian Blow-outí service is the perfect solution to your dilemma. Acting as a relaxer for you hair, it will condition and moisturize your hair whilst creating smooth results. Another top tip would be to use a cream instead of a serum to moisturize your curl. With the Brazilian service, and the added conditioning from the cream, once your hair is straightened it should remain straight and smooth. Lastly, maximize on this by leaving some of the conditioner in your locks when rinsing your hair. This will work to further control your curls and minimize the frizziness.

Sally asks:
I have fine shoulder length hair which I normally have highlighted, cut into a bob with a side fringe. My face is heart shaped. I have had this style for years but would really like to try something different. I canít grow it longer as it so fine and it doesnít suit me to have it short. I have quite a pale skin tone so canít go too dark. What would you suggest?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Sometimes we donít always like what we are given, however if you are bored with this style and canít grow it longer and also feel it doesnít suit you short then you are very limited to what you can achieve, BUT why not experiment with the colour and try changing shades and tone to make it feel a little more interesting and different.

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