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Katie asks:
I am colouring a clients hair she has dark roots and light (pre-lightened) ends. I am thinking of applying an all over colour to even out - ie 6.45 and 6.3 Loreal Majirel - do you think I would need to pre-pigment on the ends first or just apply roots straight through to mid length and ends with permanent tint?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
If the ends are extremely light then yes I would pre-pig the ends first, just tone them down delicately and then apply an all over colour. If you put an all over colour all over there is a chance that the end might go almost black compared to the roots.

Gemma asks:
I have mid back length brown hair and would like to put some colour in to it. I was thinking blonde slices would that look good? What would be the best for my hair?

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
If your hair is brown it would be difficult to achieve a blonde without it looking very warm. I would advise you to either have some copper type colours put through or if you fancy being a little more daring there are some amazing blue tones that are very fashionable at the moment and it would be kinder to your hair and easier to achieve.

Be daring, be different!

Karen asks:
Every time I wash my hair it goes like chewing gum I use salon shampoo and conditioner and never dye it its quiet long please help.

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
It sounds to me like you have extremely dry, tangled hair which needs to be shown a bit of loving care and patience. As well as using your normal shampoo and conditioner you should try use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to give your thirsty hair a drink! I love Fudge Head Bath (12.95) which smells good enough to eat and only takes two minutes to work. Try brushing your hair before you wash it, as hair is always at its weakest when wet and this will make it easier to brush after you get out of the shower. Another vital piece of kit I think you need is a Tangle Teezer (9.99) which is an innovative type of hairbrush, designed specifically for people with unruly hair. It will make controlling and taming your hair a lot easier, whilst minimizing breakage and enhancing shine.

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