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Emma asks:
I have mid-brown hair which my hairdresser tells me has red undertones. Whenever I have highlights put in they always turn out a golden/yellowish colour. I would prefer a more ash/platinum colour, is there anything you can advise?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
The solution is simple. Ask your hairdresser to do 2 strand tests. One a high lift tint with an ash or violet back up tone. This is to see if this colour would remove the red under tone that comes through. If this does not work then I would have bleach highlights with a colour was tone applied after. Do not worry about bleach as done correctly your hair will be in good condition and a tone applied after can give you any tone of blonde you would desire.

Please ensure you get good advice from a good professional.

Sally asks:
I am 42 in a couple of weeks and looking for a hairstyle which will make me look good I have an oblong face and a big chin. I want to look good in myself to get my confidence up!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Your face shape is perfect for soft internal layers. I would also consider a fringe, either heavy or soft would work well as it would shorten your long face shape and compliment your look. Have soft internal layers introduced so your hair does not fall heavy and flat. Soft layers that fall and frame your face will again work well. Also try introducing some soft caramel colours through your hair cut so they add texture and tone that will add to your overall look. Make sure you have a look at the image gallery for styles with fringes and soft layers to give you an idea. think Lou, Lou or Meg Ryan and you will not go far wrong.

L asks:
My hair is naturally a dirty blonde colour with lighter, blondish bits in it. It is kind of an in-between colour and I am not happy with it. But I donít know what colour TO go FOR AND whether TO go FOR highlights, lowlights OR just dye it.I have pale skin AND blue eyes but am NOT sure what colour would compliment my complexion etc.

My hairdresser also told me about a technique IN which colour IS placed underneath the root OF the hair because I said I was concerned about roots showing through BETWEEN colourings.Do you NOT what she IS referring TO AND do you think it IS a good OPTION FOR me ?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I have NO IDEA what your hairdresser is on about with the information provided. Because you have blue eyes and pale skin blonde is the perfect colour for you. You describe your hair as Dirty blonde. My guess would be this is a base shade 6 or 7. To stop tour roots showing through I would NOT COLOUR all your hair as your roots would show every 4-5 weeks and the maintenance would be high on colour up keep. ...More >

I would introduce some low lights through the top sections of your hair and some slices into the internal layers to break up your colour. Please visit a good colour technician and get good advice, explain your concerns and make sure you are happy with the advice you get and feel comfortable with them.

The low lights should be as close to your natural tone as possible to disguise the regrowth as it comes through. I am a big believer in LESS IS MORE.

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