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Ami asks:
I have naturally dark brown hair and have just had highlights in at a salon, they have turned out orange does this have something to do with the time the solution is left on? Will it ever go blonde?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
This can be for a few reasons. It could be that the colour wasnít left on long enough or that the right colour choice was made.

Dark brown hair is always hard to lighten and also it sounds like you have a lot of natural red tones in your hair which is why itís gone orange. ...More >

The only way of possibly getting your hair to the blonde you want is to have your hair bleached, but please bear in mind that this can dry the hair out so make sure your hair is well conditioned.

Viv asks:
I have grey (mostly white) hair. I want to keep its natural colour but it is curly. The constant straightening appears to be making it go yellow in patches even though I use lots of heat protection spray.

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
Your hair sounds really nice and I know that smooth styling has been popular for the past 7 years or so, so straightening irons have made a huge impact on people. But the good news is texture is back in a big way! So although you love your hair smooth, you may also want to look at a style you can wear curly as well as straight. There are many fab products on the market to help keep a beautiful soft curl to your hair, such as Curl Activate from Senescence. Giving your hair a break from the iron will be a good thing every now and then. Also consider using violet based shampoos (Joico Violet Shampoo is great, and conditioners can cut the yellowing to a degree.

Chloe asks:
After many years of spending a lot of money on highlights from a salon and them never being quite right, for the past year I have resorted to just using blonde 6 week home dyes and the overall colour always turns out great its just the roots are always ginger, I am guessing this is because my natural colour is darker than the dye, but aside from spending loads of money having it done frequently what can I do to change the colour of my roots and have them the same colour as the rest of my hair?

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
Itís interesting that you moved from having highlights done in a salon because of the expense and then moved to doing an all over colour at home. As you will find in most salons; the technical skill and time factor are contributing factors to the price point of highlights; where as an all over color in a salon would have actually saved you money right away. Having said this there are many technical reasons for your warm root are, your natural tone, the lifting agent being used with your íbox colorí, banding can also be a problem. The only thing I can suggest (according to what the box tells you, you can do) is possibly leave the color on your roots a little longer...But if you are doing a hi lift blonde, please, please donít constantly pull it through to the ends, or you may get the perfect colour but itíll be on the floor!! Good Luck

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