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Becki asks:
My Hair is about shoulder length and I hate it this short. I wear clip in extensions but I hate wearing my hair just plain down. Are there any hairstyles that I could wear with my extensions in without showing the extension line? My hair is also very straight and will not curl. Not even with the best curlers. I have tried everything.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Unless your hair is thick and mid shoulder length and a little wavy you are going to have problems disguising your clip in extensions. Clip in extensions are really only a temporary hair cosmetic makeover. They are usually used to add extra volume and length for a special occasion. ...More >

I know that most girls find them cheaper and more convenient to use each day, but they do have limitations.

It would appear to me that you are looking for a much more versatile hair enhancement solution, especially as it look as though you like to change between having a straight look and curly look. I suggest you have a different hair extension technique applied that will give you more security, less track detection and the ability to style the extensions how you like. I recommend the Hook and latch or the Micro ring track techniques.

They are both flat to the touch and allows you a degree of flexibility. However all hair extensions come with a certain amount of limitations and how you prepare them and look after them will help to maintain the illusion of beautiful healthy hair.

Ellen asks:
I have med brown hair with highlights (coloured) and I want to get my hair back to its natural sandy golden dark blonde/very light brown. Could you give me a bit of advice on how to achieve this, with the minimum amount of damage? This needs to be done at home as I cannot afford salon prices.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Doing this yourself can be very difficult and needs a professional. Try visiting your local salons for advice and ask them if they could provide a colour service for you on some of their training sessions. This way you would have a professional salon looking after you at a far lower cost. ...More >

The only think I would recommend to do at home (and it is totally dependant on what colour your highlights are?) is a colour that is totally temporary that washes out.

My advice would be visit your salon and ask what the options are.

Tanya asks:
My hair got badly damaged after a friend took out my extensions wrong. I have been trying to grow it back but it doesnít seem to be getting much longer. I use clip in extensions on a daily basis as my hair looks so bad but I am tired of having to apply them. What extension technique would you recommend that will help my hair grow and not damage it at all? I was hoping for a method that would last for a couple of months

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
When you hair has been put under a lot of stress, the main thing is to try and distress. What this means is either having a cut or stress less hair extension technique that will look good and give it a rest. ...More >

Also it is important that personal emotional stress can also add to your hair not growing as fast and as healthy as you would like, so worrying about your hair does not help either.

If your hair is in good condition, but itís just simply too short, then what I recommend is the integrated weave technique. This disperses the hair extensions evenly without stressing any particular point. It also allows your hair to grow whilst you enjoy a nice and longer style. It is quite robust and would last for up to 2 months, but this depends on how you look after it.

The Micro ring hook and latch technique is also very good and does not involve and glues or threads. Itís flat to the touch and offer even distribution without any stress points.

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