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Meg asks:
Iíve got naturally very curly strawberry blonde hair. Everyone seems to love it but I find it hard to manage and feel a lot prettier and more confident with it straight. There just doesnít seem to be any shape to it when itís curly. Is there a way that I can temporarily chemically straighten my hair? I try not to use straighteners too often because Iím scared of ending up with a frizzy mess. If there is something like that out there then how long would it last for?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Do not chemically straighten your gorgeous curls. Instead invest in an Salon Professional 2000 Hairdryer with Nano Fuzieon All you will need to do is brush your hair while drying with a paddle brush when using the dryer and your curls will smooth out easily leaving it shinny and glossy. Then invest in a Platform Straightening Iron. These ARE NOT like other irons. While taking a section of hair glide the iron slowly down the section in what we call one pass. Your hair will be like silk, and the condition will be fantastic like you have not seen ever before. You will not get this after chemical straightening and you will have to invest in frequent conditioning treatments.

Natalie asks:
In the summer I dyed my hair red using a few box dyes. For the past few months I have tried to get the red to fade using Vosene shampoo. My hair is now dark brown (same colour as it is naturally) but there is still a hint of the red. I want to get my hair dyed chocolate brown with caramel streaks (a bit like Cheryl Cole). I am worried because a few years ago, I went to a hairdresser to get my hair bleached blonde and no skin or strand test was done. Now, three years on, I still have patches of hair missing. When booking my appointment, I asked the hairdresser if he would do a test and he said I do not need one and he can tell by looking at my hair itís healthy enough. Also, I bumped into an old school friend who is now a hairdresser and she said it doesnít need to be stripped, it needs bleach and a tint and that the hairdresser is trying to rip me off. Iím just really worried and unsure what to do. I really want my hair done but does it sound to you that I am being íripped offí and can I get the hair colour I want without it being stripped?

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
I am sorry but it is very difficult for me to give you the correct information unless I can actually see your hair myself.

All I can do is help you understand and work through the process giving you some facts. If the box color was a true semi permanent red, meaning there are no two things mixed together then that semi colour should be gone, which means you can use hair colour to lift your hair, however it will only lift to a golden brown with a hint of warm copper due to how dark you are naturally. ...More >

Although, you said you still have a hint of red in your hair which leads me to believe the red color was not a semi but a demi which is a colour with a low volume of developer that lasts 4 to 6 weeks, or permanent colour, if that is the case the stylist will have to lift your hair with a lightener (bleach) in order to get the level of lift and shade you are looking for and then tone with a colour.

I am not sure what you mean when you asked if the stylist is ripping you off, you only said he did not feel it necessary to do a strand test as he felt your hair was healthy enough. Also regarding your past experience three years ago of bleaching your hair all over and still having patches of your hair missing confuses me. I would think the patches if you still have them are possibly alopecia usually caused by stress and worry. Bleach can damage the hair if not done correct and if the hair is not healthy enough in the beginning of the process to handle the lifting, but your hair would only break off at the scalp or damaged ends and should have grown back by now as your hair grows 1/2 inch per month and the bleach would only damage the hair on the outside of the scalp not the hair inside.

Anyway I hope this helps in your decision and I am sorry I can not help you more.

Jo asks:
I have very thin, shoulder length black hair with a fringe. My dress is strapless and burgundy and black in colour. I just donít know what to do with it! I would like to wear it up, but also look quite modern. I will be wearing a tiara or diamante headband.

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Make sure your fringe is cut and shaped beautifully and your colour is perfect. Wear your hair up in a high ponytail backcombing the underneath to create volume and have a great time!

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