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Bex asks:
Iíve had the same hairstyle for ages now; itís past my shoulders and with a little side fringe and parting. I have a small cowlick which makes it impossible to have a big bang which I would choose, how can I incorporate this cowlick into a new hairstyle. I donít want a bob because everyone at school is getting one, so what do you suggest? I have a long oval oblong face with small eyes and mouth.

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
A Cowlick can be problematic, but I think if you grew bangs to below your nose, textured them and swept them to the side it could look great and maybe make your colour stronger too.

Kathy asks:
I am 40ís. With square face, over weight, and extremely straight hair. I have to wash it everyday both because it gets greasy very quickly but the main problem I have just moved to a very hot country and I am finding my hair is always just stuck to my head and neck, with sweat. It is not long enough by any means to tie up. I just feel horrible all the time. I want a short style that I can wash and leave and if going out, just put a bit of wax on. My daughter keeps saying that I cannot have anything short because it wonít suit me. I keep telling her that having hair stuck to my head does not suit me either. I went to local salon recently for a hair cut and picked a picture like Victoria Beckham and ended up with a pageboy. I am back in the UK in July and will get it done when I am over, so nothing gets lost in translation but please tell me what style I can go for that will make me feel feminine again, even with wet hair.

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
Being in a hot country can be a nightmare if your hair does have a tendency to go greasy! The best thing would be to have some colour through your hair because this tends to prevent your hair going greasy as quick. Highlights would probably be the best thing!

Jacqui asks:
I am 38 and starting to feel like my hair is really aging me. I have always had short hair but have been trying to grow it thinking it might help. My quest is to look a bit younger should I go short or long?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest as we get older it is usually more ageing to keep your hair longer but a lot depends on the colour and condition of your hair and your skin tones.

For me as a hairdresser I would take these things into consideration and also your lifestyle before recommending a certain style, but as a general rule of thumb longer styles are more ageing?

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