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Mikealia asks:
I am mixed race Jamaican/English and has recently gone back to my curly hair I used to always relax it. At the moment there is no shape and when it dries it just looks like a mass of curls. I need to get it cut into a style but I am not sure what will suit my face. I am happy to send a picture to show my face shape.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
If your hair is curly I suggest not having too many layers put through it as this will make it unruly. May I suggest finding a picture of something that you like and then sitting down for a chat with your hairstylist who can then suggest a style suitable for your face shape and hair type

Leanne asks:
I have shoulder length light brown hair with blonde highlights and Iím sick of it always being the same. I am desperate for short hair, kind of funky and maybe blonde, but donít know that this will suit me as I have a chubby face!! What best would suit me? I have blue eyes and not pale but not too tanned.

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
The best thing would be to go into a salon and have a consultation. There are always options and the best place to get advice is a professional salon that can also look at your skin tone and give you some ideas on the colour too. If you like what you hear then go for it! If not then try another salon and have a consultation!

Amelia asks:
I want to have blonde highlights put in my hair (with bleach) and the hair thatís left out I wanted to put a 55.65 (Kolestan colour) on it but when I wash it off will the colour all run into the blonde? If so can I wash the colour off before the highlights?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Good question and I can see you have put some thought into it. I would do exactly what you have described below. When it is time to rinse out the colour ensure you rinse the 55.65 out first. Once the water starts to run clear then rinse out the bleach. Ensure you introduce a conditioning treatment to lock in the colour to prevent further fading or colour run. A little tip for you. After the treatment ensure you keep the moisture content in the hair by using products like the a professional NANO SALON PRO 2000 hairdryer. This will keep the moisture content of the hair high. Then go through if you are straightening with a good quality Platform iron with Nano Fuzieon as this will help keep the colour in great condition as well as locking in the moisture, smoothing out the cuticle and shine like you would not believe. Most colour fade and hair damage can be put down to electrical styling appliances and mechanical damage like brushing. Many of the top salons are now noticing a huge difference when using professional Nano Fuzieon products that maintains the clientís hair in tip top condition and makes the colour technique and result more vibrant for longer.

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