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Christina asks:
I have pretty thin and flat hair. If I dry my hair using a turban and micro fibre towel will I still be able to give it volume?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest the only way of getting volume into the hair is with the right product choice i.e. shampoo, volumising spray and of course some form of heat.

Whether itís a hair dryer or heated rollers, ideally some form of heat needs to be applied.

Felicity asks:
I was wondering if there is such a thing as highlighting your hair but in the way that the sectioned out pieces that are normally left unbleached can then be highlighted in separate foils so that no hair is left uncoloured?

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
To have your hair coloured so there is no hair unbleached isnít highlights, it is simply a full head of colour. This is quite easy to achieve, however you will start to see roots as soon as your hair begins to grow. The best thing to do is ask for a consultation on your colour and then you can discuss fully what is the best option.

Ana asks:
I have naturally dark hair with caramel/blond highlights and now I am trying to go back to a more natural look, a brown per say. I donít know if I will need to use a filler for my hair or not. How can I know this? A hairdresser I asked agreed in using a filler. Another one said, "Letís skip that!". Iím scared!

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
The best thing to do would be to visit a salon and have a colour consultation. This will allow the Hairdresser to establish what is needed to take your hair back to a more natural colour. They will do a strand test and then go from there! No need to be scared!!

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