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Joanne asks:
I naturally have dark blonde hair, which I have been getting highlighted since I was around 16 (I am 24 now). I recently decided I would like to change my colour close to my natural colour with some subtle blonde highlights around my face and at the top so the colour would suit my skin tone a bit better (I feel I am starting to look a little washed out). When I went to the salon I explained that I wanted cooler tones as really warm tones look make my cool skin tone look very red, and the colourist agreed. However, when it was washed out, it was extremely warm, and the highlights were barely noticeable (I think because the colour was still pretty light there was not enough contrast). When I said I wasnít happy he said he could not get my hair back to a cool shade as all artificial colourants are warm. I knew it would never be as ashy as my natural colour but I did not realise it could not be done (I have been having cooler lowlights for years so thought a similar colour could be applied). If he had told me that was the case I never would have done it. I have since had highlights and lowlights put through it again, leaving it not much different to how it was when I first decided to go for a change, and I am scared to ask for it to be darkened again incase it goes wrong again. The time I decided to get it changed I paid over £100 for the salon director who was supposed to be a colour expert thinking this would make things like this less likely to happen, but I left feeling I was being stupid for complaining as he told me the new colour suited me and in his opinion he had done what I asked. Can you please give me some ideas of what to ask for the next time (with a different colourist) as I really want to prevent this. Also, is there any way to know how to get an idea that the person really knows what they are doing and understands what I am asking for?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Colouring is without doubt a job for experienced people and sometime we all make mistakes but. IT IS NOT TRUE that all colour are warm.?!!!!!

I have just answered a very similar question from a concerned lady, where her boyfriend was going to dump her as she looked like her mum. ...More >

I would give you the same advice, if in doubt, get out.

Ask for a strand test so you can see the colour result prior to having a full colour application, then you can decide.

You and all people that visit a salon put their trust in us as professional stylists, yet sorry to say not all are professional in their approach, sometime you get what you pay for, then yet again, sometimes you donít, I have seen it, OMG

Always have a consultation and do not just have one, you will be amazed at the different approach to your hair from different salons.

Insist on a strand test and see where you go from there.

Please let me know how you get on and I will help any further if I can.

Rebecca asks:
I have a full head of bleached hair and have for a few years now. Recently I have decided to dye my hair darker and to dye it at home myself as I canít afford salon prices anymore. Am I safe to put a darker colour straight on or do I need to do something first?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Go to a local salon and ask if they need models for their students to practice, this way you will get professional advice however at a student rate and it will be much cheaper.

Amanda asks:
I want the shine and gloss that I get from a semi permanent hair colour, but donít want the colour. Is there any products that do this that I could buy online or get at the hairdressers? Someone mentioned diacolor clear would have the desired effect!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Everyone wants to keep that íI just got out of the saloní glossy shine but sadly just like colour, this glass-like effect can fade over time. Frustratingly, climate, pollution and heated styling tools all tend to decrease the natural shine of your hair. ...More >

But getting that shine back is not impossible- in fact it is quite simple and wonít add any hassle to your hair care regime. My Lee Stafford Shine Head range is designed to bring some serious shine to your locks. It contains tiny light reflecting sparkles within to give multi-faceted shimmering hair. After shampooing and conditioning give your hair a final rinse off with cold water- this will help prolong the natural shine on hair.

Another great trick to get double the shine is to mix together a small amount of serum with root lifting mousse in the palm of your hand before rubbing the mixture into your hair from root to tip. After Blow drying smooth another 50 pence sized amount of serum over your hair- this will enhance the natural gloss of your hair and keep it beautifully shiny all day long!

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