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Ellie asks:
I have quite thin hair and when I have it down it always looks so boring and flat. I want to have short layers put into it but I have been told that it would just make my hair look even thinner. Is this true or should I try it?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Going shorter in the length will really help. It allows the stylist to put more shape into the haircut. You may not be able to wear it up but hopefully, you wonít want to!

Ruddy asks:
I have very thin hair and am a female I want to find a new style so I donít have to keep wearing it up as I have hair loss mainly in the front and top of the crown - could I have a fringe of will that make me look too bald - any ideas welcomed I am so desperate to have a hairstyle which is down so I donít look like a child but an adult and doesnít make people stare at my head or lack of hair all day The first step is to find out why you have hair loss and thin hair as it may be caused by a medical condition. Make an appointment to see a qualified Trichologist - they specialise in problems of the hair and scalp, or your doctor.

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Once you have been given the all clear get your hair professionally styled. A fringe is a great idea as they can turn a pony tail or hair up into an on-trend, sharp style. Do not attempt to grow your hair for extra length as this will make hair loss more noticeable.

Try Racoon Internationalís hair extensions to give your thin hair extra body and volume. They are gentle on your hair and their range of shampoos and conditioners are lovely too.

Loretta asks:
My hair has been naturally curly all my life and in the last 10 months it has gone straight. I am taking Methatrexate and Throxine all stable please help I hate straight hair

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Medication can seriously affect your hair but hair is actually dead! If your hair has gone straight then look at your styling regime including shampoos and conditioners to see if you have changed anything. ...More >

As your hair is naturally curly (or was) it would need moisture to keep its elasticity.

Use a good professional shampoo for curly hair to maintain its strength and bounce.

If all else fails visit a good hair Tricologist to get some hands on advice. This is normally free like a consultation and he/she will be able to help.

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