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Vince asks:
Iím a guy in his early 40ís who currently has a style that is swept back. I am thinking of a change in terms of having a more funky messed-up look. The problem is that I dye my hair black as I have a similar complexion to Peter Andre. Hence the same colour when messed up looks a little false. Would it be an idea to dye my hair a dark brown instead? If so, is there a quick way of removing the black dye as obviously dark brown over black wonít work.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To answer your question, yes it would be better and more natural looking for you to go for a dark brown rather than a black colour with the sort of style you are going for.

Unfortunately there is not a recommended way to ístripí the black out without drying and damaging your hair, so sadly its a case of growing or cutting it out and then going for the new colour.

Rhavaniel asks:
I switched shampoos a week ago. At first the new shampoo made my hair almost waxy and I hated it not having any other shampoo, I continued to use it. tonight I used it for the third time and suddenly, my hair looks and feels better than it has in years. Why did it start out so awful and changed to being so great?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
This could have been a number of things one being if your hair had already had products in to start with however if it seems to have worked then keep using it

Julie asks:
Can you suggest a nice style for my wedding day I have short layered hair with a fringe top layers fall to the left?

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
Have it blow dried really well and add a fabulous fascinator - something really sparkly that clasps your head.


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