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Rebecca asks:
I have a full head of bleached hair and have for a few years now. Recently I have decided to dye my hair darker and to dye it at home myself as I canít afford salon prices anymore. Am I safe to put a darker colour straight on or do I need to do something first?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Go to a local salon and ask if they need models for their students to practice, this way you will get professional advice however at a student rate and it will be much cheaper.

Amanda asks:
I want the shine and gloss that I get from a semi permanent hair colour, but donít want the colour. Is there any products that do this that I could buy online or get at the hairdressers? Someone mentioned diacolor clear would have the desired effect!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Everyone wants to keep that íI just got out of the saloní glossy shine but sadly just like colour, this glass-like effect can fade over time. Frustratingly, climate, pollution and heated styling tools all tend to decrease the natural shine of your hair. ...More >

But getting that shine back is not impossible- in fact it is quite simple and wonít add any hassle to your hair care regime. My Lee Stafford Shine Head range is designed to bring some serious shine to your locks. It contains tiny light reflecting sparkles within to give multi-faceted shimmering hair. After shampooing and conditioning give your hair a final rinse off with cold water- this will help prolong the natural shine on hair.

Another great trick to get double the shine is to mix together a small amount of serum with root lifting mousse in the palm of your hand before rubbing the mixture into your hair from root to tip. After Blow drying smooth another 50 pence sized amount of serum over your hair- this will enhance the natural gloss of your hair and keep it beautifully shiny all day long!

Charlotte asks:
I booked my hair appointment 8weeks ago for some highlights, I arrived today very excited to have my hair done and was told by the women who does my hair and her colleague that they canít do the colour that I wanted because it "may" go ginger. I have dark brown hair and asked for blonde highlights they told me it would go ginger, so instead they gave me caramel and red highlights which I am not happy with, I would like another professional opinion on whether putting a blonde on dark brown hair can make it ginger?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Unfortunately there is a possibility that trying to put blonde through extremely dark hair may go a ginger colour. However I think this would also be a high maintenance colour for you and it will need to be touched up on a regular basis and therefore costly. I would recommend you go for a warm chocolate colour.

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