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Gwyneth asks:
My hair is salt and pepper now, not a nice colour at all. I went blonde for a while but my hair went very dry and brittle. I therefore went back to reddish brown, however my grey shows through within a week and looks awful should I go back blonde so the roots donít look so noticeable.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Going lighter or blonder will disguise the grey however look at other colours also that can create a contrast with blonde like honeys or caramels, these will add depth and interest. Creamier blondes will look most attractive to the eye and are much softer than a yellow tone or harsh blonde.

Anonymous asks:
I have had lice and nits and now the lice have gone but there maybe a few (not a lot since I have got a lot out) nits left and I have a hair appointment soon. Will the stylist notice them or mistake them for dandruff? And I study NVQ hairdressing but which is better BTEC or NVQ? And what qualifications do you need to open a hairdressing salon and how many courses do you have to take and how many years?

Where do I start?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
The salon will NOT probably do you hair if you have any live creatures around. I would mention this so they can do a consultation on you first, so you are upfront (this stops any uncomfortable situation for both you and the salon). ...More >

Regarding your hairdressing education. Either of the two qualifications you mentioned are fine. BUT. The whole emphasis is on you. As a hairdresser and a professional we only get out of this profession what we put in. LOTS OF HARD work passion and enthusiasm.

My advice to ANYONE wanting to build a career in our fantastic industry is:

Find a placement either while at college studying or as an apprentice at the best salon you can find in your locality.

The best salon does not mean the biggest. I mean the one that has the best reputation and the most respected stylist or owner. What you learn from these people AFTER leaving college in invaluable.

I would work in a Professional Salon for at least 3-5 years building up clients and your skill base. No only in hairdressing skills but: personal skills, client communication, consultation, professionalism, image, confidence, and of course business skills that you will learn, sales, sales techniques, promotions all these things provide knowledge and understanding that is essential when you GO IT ALONE.

This may seem like a long haul, yet as I said at the beginning. IF YOU PUT THE HARD WORK PASSION AND ENTHUSIASM in from the start the fantastic opportunities that this industry have to offer open themselves up to you.

Good Luck. and a great question

Grace asks:
Iíve dyed my hair blonde for many years, a week ago I put a red dye on it but it turned pinky colour and the dye didnít hold at all, I dyed it again and within another four days its back pink, how can I get the red to hold?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
It is very difficult if not impossible. Reds and coppers always tend to fade, yet when applied on-top or a blonde high lift colour, the fading will be even quicker. ...More >

I would try, using the same colour as you are at the moment but buy two.

With the first colour DO NOT mix the peroxide or activator with it and instead only apply the cream colour on its own, you can mix a small amount of water with it if need be to make it easier to apply.

Leave this on your hair for 15-20 minutes. DO NOT RINSE OFF.

Then mix the same colour as instructed and apply evenly all over.

After application of the second colour use a wide toothed comb and after 15 minutes comb through evenly all over.

Leave another 10 minutes then do the same again.

Leave a further 10 mins then rinse the colour off, DO NOT SHAMPOO.

Use a good professional colour treatment conditioner, all this will help yet it will still fade until colour pigment builds up inside your hair cuticle.

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