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Emily asks:
Im trying to grow my hair out and think it would be healthier? To stop blow drying it in order to prevent further split ends in the future, should I pull it back and secure it with bobby pins or should I just straighten it once its air dried? Which option would do less damage to my hair?

Robert MasciaveAnswered By:
Robert Masciave
Thanks for writing in as I am sure lots of people are wondering the same thing. I wish you would of divulged the condition of your hair i.e. texture and whether if its been chemically treated with a colour or a relaxer as Id be able to advice you further but technically speaking, the less heat subjected to hair, the better the condition. Pulling the hair back whilst damp can cause breaking so put down the bobby pins! It is a good idea to air dry the hair then straighten but again it all depends on your texture - if for example you have very curly hair or afro hair, youll be running the hot irons through the hair over and over in an attempt to get it poker straight which in the end causes more damage. In this case its best to allow the hair to partially air dry, add heat protection then blow dry on a low temperature.

Mandy asks:
I have been having a semi colour for the past six years, but was thinking of having a permanent colour. I mentioned to my hairdresser that I had been getting an itchy scalp and some spots on my neck and scalp. She gave me a patch test for a semi and permanent, and the semi showed up as an allergy and not the permanent. Would it still be ok to have a permanent colour?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest this is very odd as usually if you have a reaction to a semi you would have one to permanent. Its also hard to say without knowing the products in question, but my advice is not too risk a permanent colour.

Anon asks:
Is there are general rule of thumb to wearing your hair up or down?

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
Not always. However there are some rules I stick to.
Hair Up
Hair ups work well when the details of your outfit are on the upper section of your body.
Keep your hair off your face. Otherwise, your hair will compete with your look.
Wear it up if you have an interesting neckline or earrings to flaunt.
The second day is the day to play with it. Once its a bit more lived in, it will be much easier to put up.

Hair Down
Wearing hear down is great for when you want to flaunt your hair color - or when your hair us freshly dyed.
If you have gorgeous red hair, show it off. Look at Julianne Moore!
Heavily pigmented hair - think newly tinted reds, browns and blacks, which are at their heaviest saturation points. On the contrary, these colours can look quite severe when worn up.

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