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Laura asks:
I have fine hair on top of my hair that literally stands up on end, especially after heat styling. Itís more baby hair but I just canít smooth it down. Could you please advice me as what I can do about this please?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Try using a little hairspray and delicately smoothing over with your hand. This should smooth down these little hairs.

Kate Champs asks:
My hair got ruined a few months ago when a hairdresser tried to give me a sun kissed look, with lighter highlights on the bottom, and my natural dark hair colour on top. However for some reason, the bleach frazzled my hair, and after a week the ends were so bad, pieces were breaking off and it was impossible to comb through. I complained at the hairdressers who dyed in black and said that should sort it. It didnít though, and I still have this awful hair. Iíve been to other hairdressers who tell me different things. One said Iíve lost the elasticity in the bottom of my hair. Iíve wanted long hair for ages, and have had to cut off a lot so that my hair is shoulder length, to get rid of the frizz, but thereís still about an inch and a half of frizz still there. The top of my hair is still normal and shiny. Do you think I need to chop it all off and go short?? I just want someone to be honest so I can get it chopped off, and then get on with growing it back again

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
What a nightmare! I know the trend you were trying to recreate - the dip dye, itís been really popular but I can see how it went wrong in this case. Unfortunately, I think you already know the answer Iím going to give. Unless you have the damaged hair cut off your hair will continue grow slowly and look frizzy. Can I recommend a product of mine, read the reviews on the Boots website, or search for some blog write ups - the Hair Growth Treatment from my hair care range? It contains a Pro Growth complex and a vitamin and mineral complex that will improve your hair condition and whip it into shape for growth.

Carol asks:
A few years ago I started dying my hair black. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I really want to go back to my original colour which is light brown. Iíve heard doing this can be a really traumatic process to your hair as it involves stripping. I live near Blackpool, do you know of any professional colourists in the Lancashire area who can do this/help me? (Iíve searched everywhere). If I were to do this using a professional like you, would damage to my hair be greatly reduced? My hair is in good condition, it is long and I would like to try and keep it shoulder length. I donít want to go through the grow-out stage as it looks unsightly. Iíd pay whatever it takes to be able to do this and have little/no damage, Iím desperate!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
This is indeed a traumatic process for the hair and I wouldnít normally recommend it. Hair will be left dry and brittle and the natural hair colour you think you will see will be much lighter than you remember as your own pigment will be stripped by the harsh chemical treatment. I would suggest trying some semi permanent dyes, gradually bringing your colour from dark brown, to brown then lighter so when your own colour matches the day it wonít be as noticeable when itís growing out.

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