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G MAC asks:
I have naturally curly long blonde hair that I have lightened for years, I use a light blonde home root touch up between getting highlights done at the salon. I have been unhappy the last few times I have been to have a salon for highlights and am thinking of doing them myself at home with a cap, should I put the root colour on before I do the highlights and can I do both the same day or do I need to wait in-between treatments?

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
As your hair is already lightened throughout, I would not advise trying to highlight your own hair, as most highlighting kits are made with bleach this is going to be very risky as too much overlapping over old colour is going to cause your hair to become very weak and could break. I would strongly recommend that you try a new salon, have a look round your area and see which salon has been recommended the most or even ask your friends where they go, a good stylist will give you a thorough consultation and will understand what you are trying to get from your colour, most salons offer a free consultation service so shop around, ask questions and make sure you are clear to the stylist what you expect.

Melissa asks:
Iíve noticed my hair has started breaking off at the back of my head. I have long hair and Iím left with clumps of hair that are only 2-3" long! Itís happening around my crowns (I have double crowns) which leads me to think itís because of backcombing (I used to backcomb to stop the hair from parting at the crown), does this sound plausible? (Iím a bit worried all my hairís going to break off hence why Iím trying to find a pattern /cause!). Inspecting the hair thatís left, it doesnít look like itís got split ends but does look dry. Iíve come to terms with cutting to the collarbone to improve condition but mostly the appearance (as it looks very sparse at the ends now because of the hair Iíve lost) but Iíd rather not cut it to the length of the remaining strands! Will the broken hair grow? Is there anything I can do to encourage growth/improve the condition of the hair? (Because of the double crowns, I have to blow dry that area where the broken hair is, but use the cool setting on my hairdryer - is that ok? Needless to say, have stopped backcombing!

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
There are a number of reasons for hair to break, which could be over processing with chemicals, too much heat, back combing, the wrong choice of brush etc. You are right to stop back combing and use as little direct heat on your hair as possible. I would also agree that a good cut will improve your hair dramatically and I would also recommend intensive conditioning treatments at your salon, as all product houses have specific shampoos and conditioners to help restore the strength of your hair.

Clodagh asks:
I had long hair up until two months ago, when I cut it to my shoulders and now the layers at the front of my hair are dry, damaged and brittle. I have blonde hair that I have not highlighted since last July and I have completely avoided all heat products since I cut my hair short. I also plait it to protect it, but I will need to cut the front layers again as the ends are broken. (I had it trimmed about two and a half weeks ago). Is there any particular reason for this? The rest of my hair is in great condition. I have started using mane n tail deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner (not every time I wash my hair so as not to overdo it) but it doesnít make a difference to the front layers. I am slightly perplexed! If you had any opinions or advice on the matter I would so much appreciate it.

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
It would seem the hairstylist may have cut into it an awful lot to lose weight or create texture often referred to as ícutting into it.í This often happens when going from long to short because there is a build up of weight at the perimeter. The only thing you can do really is just to grow it out but as Iím sure youíre experiencing itís so brittle it doesnít actually grow any longer. In this instance have the dry ends removed and begin again but ensure you continue to condition them regularly.

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