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Sarah asks:
I have been dying my light brown/dark blonde hair very blonde for many years. I want to go more natural looking and the look I want is something that I have been seeing more and more lately but I canít quite put a name to it.

Tiff JAnswered By:
Tiff J
The top of your hair is darker, closer to your root colour and the bottom/ends are a lighter colour. It all blends together seamlessly. I have been told that this will greatly reduce the number of visits to the salon as well as create a more natural look. This look is created by putting half head of low lights on the top section of your head which then blends in with the existing colour of your hair, this works best with using a colour close to your natural base tone which keeps your hair natural looking with added shine and less noticeable roots but still keeps you looking blonde.

Vikki asks:
I have naturally dark brown hair that I have highlighted blonde I would however like to have it similar to Kate Beckinsdaleís new colour my hairdresser is saying I canít as I can only go 5 shades lighter is this right as I see a lot of famous celebs going blonde from dark.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
This process is possible to achieve, however I suggest you pop in to other salons and also ask for their advice too to see what they think.

Emily asks:
Iím trying to grow my hair out and think it would be healthier? To stop blow drying it in order to prevent further split ends in the future, should I pull it back and secure it with bobby pins or should I just straighten it once its air dried? Which option would do less damage to my hair?

Robert MasciaveAnswered By:
Robert Masciave
Thanks for writing in as I am sure lots of people are wondering the same thing. I wish you would of divulged the condition of your hair i.e. texture and whether if itís been chemically treated with a colour or a relaxer as Iíd be able to advice you further but technically speaking, the less heat subjected to hair, the better the condition. Pulling the hair back whilst damp can cause breaking so put down the bobby pins! It is a good idea to air dry the hair then straighten but again it all depends on your texture - if for example you have very curly hair or afro hair, youíll be running the hot irons through the hair over and over in an attempt to get it poker straight which in the end causes more damage. In this case itís best to allow the hair to partially air dry, add heat protection then blow dry on a low temperature.

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