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Sharon Humphries asks:
I have read loads of your questions and my problem is similar to other blondes going ginger. I have always had highlights done professionally been to different salons and nobody gets it right. Is it my hair? I did get nice ash blonde I do have grey at the roots but I think it ages me. My hairdresser of 6 months which is a long time for me totally ruined it last time and it turned out orange when I went back the day after to show all the underneath to her she had left the salon! I went somewhere else they put bleach highlights all over with brown in between. This looked like grey streaks! I then went somewhere else they suggested a semi colour? It just made my hair look like bland not glossy as a semi is supposed to. I have photos of what the first Hairdressers did. I am now thinking do I need a full colour or foils. I love being blonde but donít want to look trashy or old. I have lost faith in hairdressers I have had 3 colours now in 3 weeks please please help.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
This is a very common problem. Take this picture to several stylists and have a complimentary consultation. Explain the problem and listen to what they have to say. Decide on which stylist makes complete sense to you. I think it sounds like you need a full head of highlights and maybe a creamy blonde. Stay away from the red tones or copper.

Colette asks:
I dyed my light brown/blonde hair to dark brown about 3 years ago. This has been done both in the hairdressers and with the occasional home kits for touch ups in between. Over the last 10 months the colour has not been holding at the roots well at all. Itís now left me with various layers of colour through my hair from light at the roots down to very dark at the tips. I have asked in various salons about the process off starting to go back to nearer my own colour but no-one seems to know of anything that will work. Iíve been told that if they use a stripping solution that my hair will end up resembling a hair colour chart...not a good look! Another suggestion was highlights but then Iíve been told they probably wonít take properly. Have you any suggestion for what I could do??? I donít mind my hair being dark if thatís what I have to stay with but I hate the lighter looking roots. Help!!

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
I will try to explain to you the steps black end on hair need to go through to lighten them, bleaching is the only way to lighten your black hair, if you have had it coloured black for 3 years and each time the black being combed to the ends to refresh the hair ends colour, then your hair ends will, not only become prickle sort of a glass fibre feeling to it and will not take any more colour due to that the natural pigment of your hair being over processed and is dead, the only way I would suggest is to cut as much off your ends and maybe consider a new shorter hair cut, Bobs are very fashionable in various length due to the new release of the new Gatsby Film in December. If you decide to go that way, please use a Professional salon, to cut and colour your hair. It should be easier for a good salon to lighten your hair slowly over two or three salon visits, once you decided to cut your hair, giving time between visits for your hair to recover from over colouring black for years. Ask your stylist to recommend you the best possible products to use at home between salon visits. It will be well worth spending money on these after all you live every minute in your life with your hair. Make this a priority and use professional advice. Do spend money on your hair, simply because it is the hair which gets noticed most. shiny well cut and coloured hair can cost as little as £60 every month to well over a few hundred pounds. It all depends what is high on your agenda. Colette, I hope this message will help you a little to decide what your next step will be, I will be interested to hear from you again when you have taken this step. Wishing you fabulous hair days ahead

ITA asks:
I have been dying my hair for years but lately it doesnít seem to be taking in certain patches and doesnít last as long. My hairdresser says itís because I have too much lime in my water and should use bottled water. Is there any other solution or special shampoo I could use?

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
Uneven colour results can be caused by numerous things. Yes, a high amount of lime build up can possibly be the reason. However, bad application by the Technician or wrong judgement of colour needs. My advice is to firstly try a detox shampoo such as LíOreal Professional Pure Recourse. If youíre still having problems after 2 weeks you really need to reassess your Salon or perhaps try another Technician as a fresh pair of eyes can sometimes be a blessing.

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