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Hannah asks:
I would like my hair like the Duchess of Cambridge( nee Kate Middleton) I am not sure what to ask for at the hairdressers. I would like it more how she wore her hair in her younger years. thank you

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Hannah

Kates hair is amazing most of us hairdressers term her regular look as a Chelsea blowdry, so very smooth with that amazing bouncy curls at the bottom. He doea have some long layers in her hair and keeps in in amazing condition. So how can you best replicate, for starters make sure you have a great hair care regime and you prioritise keeping your hair in good condition by using professional quality shampoo and conditioner and regular treatment masques. This will help the hair reflect light and look glossy. Have regular trims to prevent split ends, use semi permanent chocolate warm brown or Bruenette conditioner again to give that extra shine. I think heated rollers or hot air brushes are great for the styling side unless your really good at blowdrying your own hair. Its always important to remember the let the hair cool down before brushing and finishing this is because heat creates shape and cool fixes shape. All your effort will last so much longer if you follow that simple rule. ...More >

I hope that helps?

Shubnam asks:
My hair is a bit longer than shoulder length and it has started to fall out drastically. I donít even have to touch it and it will fall out. However, when I cut it to chin length it does not fall out. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from falling out so much as I do not want to cut it?

Hayley Gibson-ForbesAnswered By:
Hayley Gibson-Forbes
When you have longer hair, more falls out, as there is a lot more of it! Kťrastase has an excellent range of products you can use to stimulate the growth cells on your scalp, so itís worth investing in these to help with your problem. I recommend Kťrastase Bain Stimuliste GL, which is an energizing shampoo for hair prone to hair loss, and Kťrastase Lotion Densitive GL, which will add texture and substance.

Coral asks:
Hi, I really need some advice about relaxing my hair. Itís something Iíve wanted to do since I was in high school as I have extremely thick, fairly dry and extremely curly hair.

I donít want to permanently straighten my hair; I just want to loosen my curly hair into beachy type waves. My hair is very healthy, despite the heat and bleach itís been abused to in the past. I havenít bleached in about a year and I tend to limit my straightening to once or twice a month now. But I just have very strong hair anyway, so it can withstand chemical treatments. Iím thinking of going to a Salon that has a clientele closer to my hair type, so a place that deals with mixed race or African type hair, such as my own as they may be a bit more experienced in how mine would react, but I donít want to fork out a lot of money if Iím not going to get what Iím after - as I know there have been a lot of mixed results. I just need advice about what to do, as I just want to - at least for a short time in my life, have low maintenance hair.

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
If your hair is very curly, permanently straightening it is going to help with reducing the curl more.

A texturiser, a treatment that is less harsh, could work, but not enough to achieve the beach waves you expect. ...More >

If you bleached your hair a year ago, it will still be in your hair structure and I would never process a chemical treatment, such as relaxing or texturising, on hair that has been previously bleached, as this is too damaging to the hair.

I would definitely recommend visiting a salon Ė you need a professional to test pieces of your hair and see what type of curl could be achieved. I know itís hard on a budget, but a professional can judge what is best and ensure that there is limited damage caused, and if you want quality, you have to be willing to pay. Do your research and go in for a consultation first. Any professional stylist would want to examine and test first before committing to anything.

(Quotes attributed to Danielle Hill, Education Manager, Westrow on behalf of Steve Rowbottom)

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