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Airrine asks:
I want a hair cut but I can not decide on a style. What kind of style would you suggest for someone who does not like to style their hair?

My hair also falls out. Do you have a way to treat hair loss?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
I would always suggest either creating a collage on your iphone or buy cutting pics from magazines of all the styles you like, then narrow it down to the ones that are all similar. Pop along to a local salon and ask if there is a training night and that way you can have a stylist that needs the practice give you a full consultation, advice and tips on which style will work and the minimum effort you have to do for creating the look. As far as the hair loss its normal to loose 100 hairs per day, if you think its more than that your losing think about your diet and make sure you are taking a supplement there are some great ones on the market especially for hair and nails. Good luck.

Liona Roche asks:
Hi, I got balyage on my natural auburn hair a few months ago, the balyage was maybe two shades lighter than my natural colour. Today I went to get it toned and add a couple more highlights closer to the root of my hair but now my hair had gone way lighter and totally different shades to my natural colour. I’m getting married in 3weeks, how do I fix this, I’m neatly thinking of just going to my natural colour if possible

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Liona go back to the salon and explain how unhappy you are, I am sure putting some lowlights of your natural colour in through the area concerned will sort the problem quickly and effectively. I’m sure also this wouldn’t be chargeable to you. Good luck and have a super wedding.

Liz asks:
I have dark blonde hair and suffer from Alopecia Areata (a stress induced disease that causes hair loss). I would love to dye my hair light purple but don’t think that bleaching my hair would help with the Alopecia. Is there a gentler way that I can lighten my hair so I can achieve the purple without aggravating the Alopecia? What hair dye do you suggest I use?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
First of all I would consult your GP and get some medical advice. Also make sure that you do a skin test at least 48 hours prior to having a treatment that uses chemicals. I wouldn’t recommend using bleach as this can make any hair weaker. A great alternative would be to pre-lighten the ends of your hair using the ombre technique, and then tone with a light purple conditioning toner. This would be a better option, as no chemicals will be near your scalp. I would use the L’Oréal Platinum ammonia free bleach, as ammonia free products are much kinder to the skin.

(Quotes attributed to Sally Plain, Director and Franchisee Westrow Wetherby on behalf of Steve Rowbottom)

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