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Jesper Christensen asks:

I have a certain question about a hairstyle I am trying to pull off.

I am a guy with long hair, and I am trying to make my hair look a little bit more "dressy" I have the "standard" long hair, where I have the "split" in the middle, so my hair falls back down on my 2 sides (Hope you get me) Iíve been inspired by Paul Levesque to try his hairstyle (when he had long hair) But I am not sure how I am supposed to pull it off.

Here is a picture to show what I mean:

As you can see, his hair is slicked back, both tied up and when it is loose. How do I slick my hair back like he has done it? Whenever I try with a brush and comb, it will easily fall back down to its old position.

My hair is the same texture as his, so that is not the issue.

Also, when I tie it up, do I need to use any product? He is clearly using a product when it is tied up, could you tell me what you think he is using? And can you tell me how I achieve that slicked back look with my hair?

Thank you so much in advance

If you need elaboration on my question, please get back to me so I can!


Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Jesper if you start by blow-drying the hair back that helps and the hair. Remember the shape you create between being wet and dry. Then use a gel I would start with a medium hold apply when the hair is 80% dry the using a vent brush dry the product into the hair. Then apply again and brush with the vent. That should do it, if not go for a stronger gel.

Melissa Rhoades asks:
I plan to get my hair Japanese straightened because my hair is curly, but not a nice curl, but I just donít like curly hair. I was wondering if my hair would do well. I have relaxed my hair in the past with home relaxers, but Iíd wash my hair and it acted as though it never existed. Some websites say itís risky, and I know mixing chemicals is, some say not to do it, some say wait, or etc. I see a lot of black people who get it done and share their story and theyíve had relaxed hair. My hair does have splits here and there, but I am constantly shoving hydrating things on it and itís pretty healthy. My hair is also pretty thick. Will my hair be alright? The last time I did a relaxer was over a year ago.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
This is not a field I am really an expert on Melissa I would go to a selection of salons asking for a free consultation and see what they suggest. There are some many amazing solutions that can be used with varied degrees of relaxing the curl and causing less damage.

Lucy asks:
I dyed my hair copperish auburn before and have let it fade and havenít touched my hair with colour. My hair is now a yellowish copper with a little bit of blonde and I was wondering whether or not itís safe to now go medium ash blonde. Iím considering a bleach bath but my roots are light blonde and I think doing a bleach bath would be harder to apply in specific areas due to its consistency and the wrapping part of the dying process. Any advice?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Lucy 2 option: bleach bath the yellow copper pieces or if the desired result is more than 2 shades lighter than you are, use a cool tone on the same pieces mixed with water and apply the desired result over the top and process as normal. This way should mean that you neutralize the yellow copper undertone whilst re colouring at the same time?

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