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Lynnsey asks:
I have extremely damaged, short, and very curly hair. I have been wearing tape in hair extensions for three years and I would never go anywhere without them. However, being that my hair is very curly and thin and my extensions are thick and wavy, my hair looks horrible whenever I go outside on a hot and humid day because my real hair starts curling and my extensions remain straight. This causes me to have to straighten my hair multiple times a day and worry about how it looks 24/7. I have tried numerous products but nothing seems to stop my curls from returning whenever I step outside. Do you have any products or treatments you would recommend to keep my hair straight in the humidity? thank you!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Honesty answer as I have a very similar problem is no! I can only suggest one of the smoothing blowdry systems and a dedicated haircare regime which I do myself and still have issues. Wavy extensions?

Jesper Christensen asks:

I have a certain question about a hairstyle I am trying to pull off.

I am a guy with long hair, and I am trying to make my hair look a little bit more "dressy" I have the "standard" long hair, where I have the "split" in the middle, so my hair falls back down on my 2 sides (Hope you get me) Iíve been inspired by Paul Levesque to try his hairstyle (when he had long hair) But I am not sure how I am supposed to pull it off.

Here is a picture to show what I mean:

As you can see, his hair is slicked back, both tied up and when it is loose. How do I slick my hair back like he has done it? Whenever I try with a brush and comb, it will easily fall back down to its old position.

My hair is the same texture as his, so that is not the issue.

Also, when I tie it up, do I need to use any product? He is clearly using a product when it is tied up, could you tell me what you think he is using? And can you tell me how I achieve that slicked back look with my hair?

Thank you so much in advance

If you need elaboration on my question, please get back to me so I can!


Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Jesper if you start by blow-drying the hair back that helps and the hair. Remember the shape you create between being wet and dry. Then use a gel I would start with a medium hold apply when the hair is 80% dry the using a vent brush dry the product into the hair. Then apply again and brush with the vent. That should do it, if not go for a stronger gel.

Melissa Rhoades asks:
I plan to get my hair Japanese straightened because my hair is curly, but not a nice curl, but I just donít like curly hair. I was wondering if my hair would do well. I have relaxed my hair in the past with home relaxers, but Iíd wash my hair and it acted as though it never existed. Some websites say itís risky, and I know mixing chemicals is, some say not to do it, some say wait, or etc. I see a lot of black people who get it done and share their story and theyíve had relaxed hair. My hair does have splits here and there, but I am constantly shoving hydrating things on it and itís pretty healthy. My hair is also pretty thick. Will my hair be alright? The last time I did a relaxer was over a year ago.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
This is not a field I am really an expert on Melissa I would go to a selection of salons asking for a free consultation and see what they suggest. There are some many amazing solutions that can be used with varied degrees of relaxing the curl and causing less damage.

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