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Sue asks:
I have very long (almost down to my hips when straight) hair and it is naturally extremely frizzy despite the fact I condition it constantly. I have found the only way to control my hair is to put it into two French plates when wet and take them out once dry then hairspray the hell out of this which works great!... for about two hours if I am lucky! When I had shoulder length hair when I was younger it was completely untameable! Is there anything I can try to keep my hair from frizzing? I have tried basically every serum, conditioner, leave in conditioner etc that you can buy!

Tiff JAnswered By:
Tiff J
Depending on the thickness of your hair or if you like to leave it natural looking, a good crŤme would be if you havenít tried it already is Mazani moisture stretch curl crŤme, this product contains shea butter which moisturises and tames hair as well as working as a anti humiditant agent. When using your conditioning treatments always towel dry your hair before applying the conditioner as the water can dilute the conditioner and stop it from working, best to leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. I also highly recommend you get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks even if itís the smallest amount, this keeps hair tamed and frizz controlled as dead ends tend to frizz easier working its way up to the healthy hair.

Jessica asks:
I am a natural blonde with really fine hair that almost makes me look like I am bald, so I decided to go black to make my hair look fuller and make it look like it has more volume. This was about 3 years ago and ever since whenever my roots have been showing I have been dying it back black. The problem is lately I have wanted my hair to go back blonde, with blonde being a big fashion thing lately. So I have started to dye it a lighter colour to try and get my hair to a lighter shade, this lighter shade is red, as I have been doing this my roots have gone a bright red colour and the rest of my hair still black. Also when I have been washing my hair itís been falling out! Not in clumps but in lots of strands at a time, making my hair looking less and less full.

Anne VeckAnswered By:
Anne Veck
This is a tricky one! Matrix has a product called COLORERASE. It is especially formulated to remove artificial colour from the hair, in a controlled manner. However the product contains a selection of persulfates (bleach family) therefore it is very important to do a strand test to check that the hair is strong enough to sustain the lightening treatment. This type of colour correction must be carried out in the salon, as the process is very delicate. The product needs to be applied avoiding the roots and the development time is crucial, as the removal of colour pigment can vary. You may need to repeat the process a couple of times to achieve the degree of lightness desired. Treat the hair with Matrix 5 + PROTOPAK treatment. It helps reinforce and restore the integrity of the hair fibres. At that stage your stylist should reassess the hair and decide what product to use next. You should be prepared for the fact that you might not achieve your desired colour in one day, instead it may be a process of lightening the hair slowly letís say over a 3 month period in order not to compromise the quality of the hair.

Jade asks:
I have naturally dark brown hair and over the years I have dyed it a very dark brown colour myself at home. This past year I have been very lazy with it and have left it so now it has returned to its natural colour with some slight copper tones on the ends because of heat damage with my straighteners. I now hardly straighten my hair so the colour alteration due to heat damage shouldnít be a problem, but I want to dye it a slightly lighter shade of brown. Iím aware that you canít go from brown to blonde doing it yourself but I just want to go a shade lighter than my natural colour - but how can I know that it wonít go auburn/ginger? Iím so scared of this and donít want to mess my hair up. If I did dye it I would stay with the same brand and specific type but just one shade lighter, is this possible? Iím reluctant to visit the salon because it costs so much, being a student, but do you think itís worth it?

Michelle WinterAnswered By:
Michelle Winter
Yes if the hair is virgin it is possible to go one shade lighter, at the very ends of your hair I would suggest using the same colour with a lower activator or oxidant. To be honest I would recommend leaving it to the professional when it comes to colour as doing it your self can be very messy, plus any mistakes and it will cost u more money in colour correction.

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