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Danielle asks:
Hi, I have dark blonde/brown natural hair colour (very thin and fine) which I recently went from my natural roots with blonde balayage to an attempt at ash blonde all over. I went for a scalp bleach and the hairdresser left me with horrible hair which was white orange and ash. I had foils done the next day as an attempt to fix it. How long would you recommend I wait until I get it re-coloured to a medium blonde to fix it?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

You can colour over immediately with semi colour which will tone and deposit and give you a nice, soft more natural blonde. Use treatments on a regular basis and then you can use permanent colour on the roots as they grow through but stick to semi on the mid lengths and ends. Colour conditioner will also help control the desired results longevity. ...More >

Good luck

Julie asks:
I have naturally curly hair and my hairdresser has recently used ceramic straighteners to style my hair. Since then my curls have almost gone. I have used three intense treatments but nothing has worked. How do I get my curls back?

Steve RowbottomAnswered By:
Steve Rowbottom
Our hair pattern changes every five to seven years making it likely to face a change in texture. Changes in our hormones are often the cause for changes in our skin and hair, which means you might have to switch up your hair routine as you age. Unfortunately, hormonal changes that cause our curl pattern to alter are unavoidable, and not always possible to predict. Heat styling can also leave you with stubbornly straight strands that refuse to bounce back. ...More >

With patience, you can see your curls again. Stop using all heated appliances, including your hairdryer. The best way to restore your natural curl pattern is to cut off the damaged hair. Not only will your hair grow back, it will grow back quicker if it isnít being weighed down by damaged hair. You can start over from scratch, and with a new, healthier hair routine be swinging your curls over your shoulders in no time.

(Answered by Danielle Hill on behalf of Steve Rowbottom)

Mary Cahill asks:
I have an unusual problem. As a hairdresser, I of course end up being my entire familyís personal stylist. My sister in law is one of them. No one in the family likes her. She is rude, cold, a liar and keeps our nephew far from all of us as much as possible. No one stands up to her because no one wants to "make things worse". It KILLS me to have to do her hair for 3hrs for free. I donít work in a salon. I go to my clients homes. How the hell do I get out of doing this nightmare SILís hair for free every 6 weeks?! No one in the family even has to acknowledge her but I have to serve her for hours for free!! Itís driving me mad. Please help.
Thank you so much,
Mary Cahill

Ps- donít you wish I had a question about brassiness? Lol!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
In tough family situations like your experiencing I would suggest you try and stay positive that one day your Nephew will seek out you and the other members of your family and you can all make up for the lost time. ...More >

Have courage, a great friend of mine said to me yesterday "chop your own wood and no one else will chop it for you"

Good luck x x

Kala Kilshaw

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