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Nicolle Tracey asks:
My hair is medium chocolate brown in colour and I got it done as a blonde balayage and the hairdresser I went to had bleached it twice which made my hair very sensitive and easily broken off so now my hair keeps getting split ends and is extremely dry and snaps off easily what can I do to strengthen my hair
Thank you so much in advance xx

Eva ProudmanAnswered By:
Eva Proudman
Hi nicolle,
It sounds very much like your hair has been subjected to traumatic chemical damage, which will result in dry damaged fragile hair. There may well be Trichorrhexis nodosa, which is a break in the cuticle of the hair shaft, please see the image attached. This causes Trichoptilosis, (Split Ends), which is the longitudinal splitting of the hair shaft and Trichoclasis which is the transverse fracturing of the hair shaft. ...More >

To treat the hair, it is important to use an excellent conditioning treatment, cut off as much of the affected hair as possible and avoid any further trauma to the hair.

Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Mask would be a good conditioning treatment, or something similar that is rich in glycerine and protein such as wheat germ.

On longer hair and dark hair use extensions to create a balayage effect and avoid the chemical damage completely. I recommend Rapture Hair Extensions to my clients because they cause absolutely no damage to the hair. If you opt for extensions to create a balayage colour, do your homework, visit a reputable extensions specialist and discuss different options to avoid causing tension damage.Hope this helps,
Eva x

Trichorrhexis nodosa

Trichoptilosis, (Split Ends)

Ayushi asks:
I want to ask that how can I make my hair look better? Itís curly, bit dry, and mid length and I donít have a strong scalp. Should I go for a hair treatment like re-bonding?

Eva ProudmanAnswered By:
Eva Proudman
Hi Ayushi There are so many ways that you can improve the health of your hair and a combination of all would be my advice.

Include hair super-foods in your diet : I would recommend that you should include salmon, eggs, avocado, walnuts and blueberries in your shopping trolley to begin with. ...More >

You should also regularly visit a stylist who can trim your hair which will banish split ends and the ongoing damage that they cause.

As far as products go, in the first instance look for a very good professional product something like Nioxin would be ideal. Their intensive moisturising treatment is amazing at smoothing the hair and their whole range is about respecting and treating the hair and scalp.

I would also recommend that if you colour your hair, you seek professional advice to limit the damaging effects that a lightening process could have on your hair!

I hope this helps!

Best wishes, Eva

Chloe Allen asks:
After packet dying my hair blonde for a few years I went to get it ombred at a salon. I didnít like the outcome so I decided to packet colour it brown over the top but because of the bleach the brown dye kept lifting. Iíve re dyed it a medium-dark brown quite a few times and now when the colour lifts i have a horrible orange tone that i cant get rid of. Iíve stopped dying my hair as Iím going to grow out the colour but i donít want to be stuck with orangy brown hair. Iím currently using blue shampoo to cancel the orange but I am yet to see results. Is there anything else that will work?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Chloe

This is a tough one as the blue shampoo should work, try blue conditioner or add a couple of drops of blue direct dye to your conditioner ( if you canít find one) in order for a more heavy deposit and the cancellation of the orange tone. ...More >

You should find leaving it on for 5 mins and combing through should work and after a couple of applications you may be able to go back to doing the blue shampoo to keep the unwanted tones at bay whilst the colour is growing out.

Good luck

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