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kylie macdonald asks:
Ive not had a fringe for years but I thought id still be able to cut but it went really wrong Ive had to let it grow for the past two weeks its awful but Im scared of cutting it and Im thinking its to short for anything its all different lengths but at the shortest point its  just over my eyebrows at its longest part its just over my eyeball any ideas?

Gary TaylorAnswered By:
Gary Taylor
Fringes can make or break your appearance, we see this every week! Sometimes clients have cut their own fringe which doesnt suit their face shape or hair type, the best thing to do is see a professional who will give you the best advice to recover from a bad fringe!

Katy asks:
I have been dyeing my hair with permanent dye since I was 17 (I am now 35) and I have was red for a while then dark brown then lighter brown  (my natural colour is dark brown).
In an attempt to disguise my grey roots that kept showing through I decided to go blonde. I know I should have gone to a professional but I work full time for the NHS and I struggle to find time for appointments. Anyway, I dyed it a lot (like every 2-4 weeks) for the first 3 months to get the colour then I dyed it once a month after that. Then about 4 months ago I noticed my hair was frizzy, dry and breaking off and I ended up with tufty short bits. So, I did a couple of DIY haircuts and now have a shoulder length layered bob type cut to try and hide the short bits. I have used a lot of different treatments and coconut oil and argon oil etc. and only wash it every other day. I now only dye the roots every 4-6 weeks. I never use straighteners or blow dry it now. And yet it is still very dry and breaking off. I am thinking I should go back to brown as the blonde dye does not suit my hair type. I dont want to go to a salon, any advice on how to rescue my hair?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Katy

Okay so I think I have followed correctly and would suggest that perhaps the best thing to do is go for a dark blonde that way the colour is more conditioning but the grey roots are less obvious. If you go only 2 shades darker than you currently are then you can just apply something like and 8N or natural 8 over the top of all of your hair. ...More >

As far as repairing the damage, I suggest a protein spray that you can leave in when hair is breaking it requires protein hence the oils not working on stopping the breakage. A cream conditioner that you comb through before rinsing and a once a week treatment masque that is protein and moisturising that also states it helps prevent colour fade. Cover with a plastic bag or shower cap and a warm towel if possible. To save more time and achieve faster results I designed a tool called ego therapy, take a look on line as that will really help.

Good luck x

Katrina asks:
I have had my hair all colours in the past, but once I had children and settled down it got to a stage where I only trusted a hairdresser. Going from a natural white shade into adulthood, I am now a very dull almost brown shade with string hints of grey and have had either bleach or blonde highlights put in. This has worked for a long time as the regrowth is kind and I can leave it a long time as the roots dont show too bad. However, two months ago I went for a really fantastic shade of red. Hairdresser did permanent colour on the natural roots and a semi on the bleached/coloured blonde. Told me it would fade quite quick due to the semi, but next time I could have permanent all over which would last longer. 4 weeks later my hair was a copper shade instead of deep red, I went back but she still did a perm along with semi on the ends. 4 weeks later I have a lovely shade of red on the roots, but the semi had gone copper again. The whole point of changing from blonde highlights was 1: to be able to colour the roots myself at home, and 2: when I went to hairdressers for it to be shorter visit. I struggled to sit for 3/4 hours for expensive highlights, but the red took the same time (block) and almost the same cost. If I put a permanent on my own roots, and then brush it through, will it ruin it? I just cannot afford a colour at the hairdressers every 4 weeks. I know reds fade quicker, but I may as well go back to my highlights for the time and cost of this lovely red!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Katrina

I think the reason the hairdresser is using the semi is to prevent extra damage and also if you add developer ( make it permanent) it will fade even more quickly. I would suggest you can either use a red conditioner each time you shampoo to help prevent the fade it will reduce with time, or use the red colour of your choice all over but make sure you use a protein spray a professional brand if possible to ensure even coverage and less chance of damage. ...More >

Hope this is helpful x

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