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Kristy asks:
I have quite thick hair with a natural wave its also pretty dry and frizzy recently I had it layered and feathered and it does not sit to well can you advise me on straightening and also products for my hair to look healthier.

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
I would advise you to go to a good salon and have a course of conditioning treatments, this will help with the dry and frizzyness. The styling products I would go for are a good quality smoothing serum and shine serum. I hope this helps you.

Rohit asks:
I Am A Guy(Male 18) With Waist or Hip Length Long Hair(Black straight Hair) And I Want Some suggestion on Some Hairstyles, I dont want to cut my hair....Any Hairstyle Even It is feminine Hairstyle. Well I usually keep my hair in feminine hairstyle...!

Gary TaylorAnswered By:
Gary Taylor
Whether youre male or female is irrelevant here. With hair this long and wanting to keep the length you immediately reduce your options! So the best thing to do is look at your hair and give it a look that keeps as much masculinity as possible with the length it has, if thats what youre trying to achieve.

heidi asks:
I dyed my hair dark over the summer, I really liked it. But I got tired of it so I decided to use colour stripper to remove the colour. This made my hair look gingery rather than my natural blonde. It has been really bothering me what should I do? should I dye it, bleach it or do something else?

Gary TaylorAnswered By:
Gary Taylor
Do not touch it! Seek professional advice and have test pieces taken to get the best options for your hair. I get clients trying to ask advice on colours from the high street instead of using our services, usually to cut costs, but I will not give any advice to anyone who is not going to let me carry out the procedure on their hair. If you want to do your own then its on your shoulders! I would not give my car a home care MOT so why would you do it to your hair!

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