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Kath asks:
After having my hair cut short a few years ago, it seemed to grow back thicker. My question is what would be the most beneficial way of thinning my hair? Cheers!

Errol DouglasAnswered By:
Errol Douglas
The best thing for you to do is to make an appointment with your stylist and ask for your hair to texturised, not using thinning scissors.

Lucy asks:
Hi I am 15 years old and seem to have very thin hair, the bottom of my hair is normal but the top is very thin, you can almost see my this normal or am I becoming bald at this age?

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
You sound like your hair is just naturally fine. Try not to get too stressed out about it as this can cause hair loss. If you find that you can not cope with it consult your GP or to to visit a Trichologist (a hair doctor).

Lina asks:
I used to have thick, heavy hair. But 3 years ago, I started loosing hair. Now my hair is thin, flat and limp! I have a square, wide face. Now I have layered shouldered length hair. It is on the straight side but with a incredibly large amount of tiny

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
There could be many different reasons as to why you have started to lose your hair, it could be hormonal. I would consult a Tricologist who will be able to advise you on the best treatment for your hair.

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