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Ashley asks:
I have been considering getting my hair died purple what is the best way to do this as I do not want to dye all of my hair I like my natural dark brown hair but are looking to add some real colours to it as I love purple and I like to tie my hair up which I think will look very cool Im no professional and I am not going to do it myself as I am worried that I may mess it up lol I have had my hair dyed a few times going slightly brighter with full heads of highlights, am I doing it right as I have not been to the hairdressers for a few months and you can clearly see my roots etc.. I am going to get it cut in January and I was going to get a full head of highlights again just only a little bit lighter but I like my dark natural colour and want to add purple.
What is the best way to do this? without destroying all my lovely hair as it has taken me ages to grow lol
Ashley x

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Ashley

Your idea of having highlights and then adding the purple is the perfect solution. As the purple fades you can add other colours of your choice. ...More >

Good luck x

Celyn asks:
About a month and a 1/2 ago I went to the salon and bleached my hair. Thinking a boxed dye would work, I went and bought a vibrant purple and dyed my hair. Itís been washing out and is now a light purplish greyish colour. How do I dye my hair back to its natural dark brown? Thank you!

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

Depending on how dark your hair is naturally or the colour brown you want to be determines what action you need to take. If you are around a level 6 so a light brown or dark blonde you should be able to apply a colour of choice directly. ...More >

If you want to be darker than that you will need to pre pigment the hair in order for the colour not to fade and leave you with a greenish colour. The pre pigment needs to be done with a red/ orange colour, processed then rinsed and the desired result applied to clean dry hair.

I would suggest you go to a salon for a consultation so that youíre totally clear on what you need to do and to prevent disappointment.

Good luck

Bhalekar Krishna Nilkanth asks:
Can we use natural treatment like use of onion, lemon juice on hair while using Tugain 2 or 5 solution?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

I think in my personal opinion that it is okay to use natural vegetable and fruits on your hair and scalp whilst using the treatments you are currently using. But Iím not sure why you want to use either Lemon or Onion. Do you want to benefit the scalp, hair growth or the colour of your hair as there are many natural options? Please come back to us with more detail and I will of course try to advise. ...More >

Thank you

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