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P McCarron asks:
Hairstyle suitable for really fine hair?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Ask your hairdresser for a chunky style - jaw/mid length is best as growing it longer can make it look spindly. Think Kirsten Dunst her fine hair always looks perfect. Or, you can go down the fake root with Racoon hair extensions as these are a great way to get an instant thickness boost - a few carefully placed partial extensions around the crown area will give the impression of extra volume. Plus, fine hair can really benefit from colouring as the colour molecule sits inside the cortex (hair shaft) and swells it so that colouring can make fine hair feel much bulkier. You may also like to consider restructuring the hair. It is not actually a perm with curls but more of a wave and body effect. Your hair is set on very large rollers to give some bounce to your hair.

Alice asks:
My hair is dark brown and I thought the product Sun-in would make my hair blonde. Of course it made my hair a ginger colour, I then thought using more of it would make me less ginger but more blonde, stupid I know. It left me with frizzy strawberry blonde hair which really does not suit me at all. I want to dye my hair back to my natural brown colour but I have heard that you can not dye over Sun-in. Please say this is not true I look a mess!

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
Sun-in seems to be one of those products that people just can not help using thinking it will save money - but it often means you spend more trying to sort the disaster out! Firstly, to treat the frizz your hair is crying out for moisture so use a deep conditioning treatment a couple of times a week to replace the lost moisture. Then, book yourself into a hair salon and get some advice! Colouring is an art and should only be done by the professionals. The good news is that a colourist will be able to tone down the orange blonde for you.

Rhian James asks:
I have recently got my hair cut and has got a side fringe put in, layers and feathered, but the hairdresser has made a real pigs-ear of it. My fringe is cut way to short. Is there anything I can do to make it look better?

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
Unfortunately when it comes to fringes that are too short the only thing you can do is persevere and wait for them to grow out! But do not worry too much you will notice a change very quickly and a small amount of growth will make a big difference! As far as helping the situation along you can always use a clip and sweep your fringe to the side which looks really stylish and there are lots of really glam grips around at the moment!

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