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Heather asks:
I have dark brown hair and I have been colouring it for six years I want to bleach my hair but I want to do it myself, I do not have the money. Do you think if I do my own hair it will fall out or will I ruin my hair.

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
Well when you do your own hair you really are taking a chance, hairdressers train for years to do there job, if you had toothache would you try and take your tooth out! Treat yourself and see how much better your hair looks.

Karen Allan asks:
My 6 year old daughter has a double crown and two cow flicks at the front her hair is short to medium in length. She has also straight, ringlets and curls in her hair any ideas on any styles that will suit her and are easy to manage.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
This is quite complex the best thing to do is take your daughter to a good salon and ask for a consultation. The stylist will advise you on the best style for your daughter.

Amanda asks:
When I style my hair, it all goes straight and shiny but the ends of my hair at the back goes really frizzy. I have tried different conditioners, frizz free creams, everything. If I get a few layers in the back I do not know whether it would help or not.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Layers will make the problem worse. A trim might help. The back probably goes frizzy because it is hard to reach and hard for you to work on. Just try spending a little more time on this area.

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