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Julie Bicknell asks:
For the last 4 years I have had my hair tinted blonde and regularly go to have me roots done. I really think its time that I return back to my dark brown colour (not that I can remember what colour it is now its been so long). I love being blonde and do have a lot of fun but am really scared about going back to a natural colour. Can you recommend the best colour to go for that will not make it such a dramatic shock and look drab and boring? I go to a local village hairdressers and am not sure they will not turn me into looking like my 84 year old Nan.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
If you are seriously thinking of going back to your natural colour, then do visit a colour specialist salon and ask their advice on the shade to suit your skin tone. Perhaps if you do not feel comfortable visiting your local salon, visit some salons in larger towns I would recommend visiting a LOreal Portfolio Salon in your area (call 0800 072 6699 for your nearest salon). You do not have to go into the nearest or first salon, select one that you feel most comfortable in. To ease the change from blonde to dark, perhaps ask your hairdresser to add some slices of warmer tones to the blonde and gradually add more until you subtly change to your natural colour.

Kim asks:
I am mixed white and black African race so have shoulder length very tight curly hair. It is fine, in good condition, but not coarse and only coloured once. I usually twist it into sections but it just looks like little springs all over, anything else turns out to be a variation on the Afro. A style I have sported a long time, I would like to have bigger curls, as I am so bored with my not very versatile hair. I have heard of texturizing, but would it be better to get a perm? I am desperate for a change.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
You can actually take larger sections to give you bigger twists, or you could have it permed on large rods to soften out your curls. A non-chemical hair relaxer will also relax your curls without permanently making your hair straight.

Emily asks:
Hope you can help me on this one... I am Chinese and my left eye has double eyelid and the left does not, which makes it smaller than the right. Since double eyelids are preferred among the Chinese and mostly are undergoing surgeries and stuff, I was wondering whether a certain hair parting (or maybe a haircut) could make the eye on my left stand out more than the other, even though, my eyes does have a very obvious difference. If I am not wrong my natural parting is on the left and I have a small forehead. The shape of my face is somewhere in between a square and heart shape.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Having a symmetrical fringe, being slightly shorter on the left side, and maybe getting a couple of hi lights in the shorter side of the fringe, will bring out your eye and give it a larger appearance. Getting advice from a make up expert will always help as they can advise you on our to hi light your eye better, to even things out.

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