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Nadia asks:
A few years ago, my hair was very thick and grew very long, after that I had layers put in, after one month passed the growth was severely affected, and it seems to have stopped growing, also my hair became dry and started falling too, I am very worried about my hair. Please recommend a good shampoo, oil and diet. One more thing should I go for any hair treatment? I do not like to take oily foods, will they affect my hair health?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest diet wise the best food for healthy looking hair are oily foods such as fish etc. As far as treatments and products I would highly recommend the NIOXIN range which is arrange of shampoo and conditioners formulated for all hair types and give the most fantastic results.

Jay asks:
I am a 22 year old male with naturally thick black curly hair. From 2009 to 2011 I was constantly straightening my hair, everyday on heat of 110 degrees to sometimes 130 degrees. I did use a heat defence spray from toni&guy everyday when I was straightening. I havenít straightened my hair since 2011 but what Iíve noticed is that the front of my hair is quite thin compared to the back. I can notice my scalp when Iím under a light. Itís really quite embarrassing. I know that itís caused from too much straightening, is there any way I could fix this problem?? I now use American Crew Products such as curl construct or either moulding clay, and I shampoo my hair everyday with the American Crew Everyday Shampoo and I condition it every 2-3 days. Am I doing anything wrong or am I just being paranoid?? Please help as itís stressing me out:

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Try looking at Philip Kingsley products, they specialise in hair and scalp treatments

Sierra asks:
I dyed my hair today trying for a light golden brown from a soft black. Only my roots took and the rest of my hair lightened, but stayed dark. Should I recolor to a dark again to cover the mistake? I think this happened because my hair was previously colored and the only natural part was what has grown out.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Yes thatís exactly what has happened. Also a tip: - tint wonít colour over tint. This would be a professional job at a salon

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