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Jayne asks:
I am naturally a dark brown-black colour. I have been colouring my hair red for a few years now, I last had it coloured about 6-7mths ago but also had high lights at the same time, can I dye my hair brunette now without causing any adverse reactions?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
With any colouring I would always strongly advice visiting your local hair salon and speaking to a colourist for a consultation. With so many colours on your hair there may be a chance of patching where it does not all take and the old blonde highlights may make the hair lighter in areas. It may be an idea for your colourist to strip your hair colour so you can start from fresh. I would suggest you start to condition your hair with a deep conditioner a couple of times a week to get it at its optimum before you think about re-colouring.

Matthew asks:
I have medium length hair it is very soft and when washed and dired goes very floppy. I have to use a lot of wax and gel to to it upright which makes it look unnatural and very greasy. What can I do to get nice and fluffy hair which looks appealing? Please help me.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
I think the answer is that you need to have some layers cut into the style to create more body and hold. Also, try not to over condition the hair as this can make it soft and unmanageable - rather than using a rinse out conditioner, use a spray conditioner and see how that feels. Sometimes using a hairspray will give the hair the hold you need without actually weighing the hair down like a wax or putty can. Why not visit your hairdresser and ask for a consultation on what products they would recommend for your hair type? Unlike supermarkets or chemists, hairdressers are experts in their field and will gladly suggest the right products to achieve the look you desire.

Karli asks:
I have long straight hair and a small forehead so I do not know what kind of hair style would look good on me. My face is oval shaped and I have pale white skin and my hair is a dark brown. If you could tell me what might look good on me I would really love to know. I do not like to spend much time on my hair. My hair is parted down the middle no matter how hard I try to put it up the parting always shows. I would really like to know what to do with my hair and I do not mind having it short

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
You sound as though you have been ready for a change for some time. I understand your apprehension in changing your hair and wanting to make sure you get it right, it is hard to just walk into a salon and try to explain what you think you might want and then probably hating it afterwards. The most important thing is how you view yourself in your minds eye. If you see yourself as bubbly, fresh and busy then this brings up all types of visual images in your mind of what this type of person might look like or how you think you should look. Take a look on the style gallery on the site print a few off and take them along when you go for a consultation let the stylist help you choose a style that will work great with your face shape and hair.

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