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Hayley asks:
Before April I had my hair highlighted, and now I want it tinted blonde but the hairdresser says it will turn my hair ginger, is this correct?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Firstly your hair is very important and I would be concerned that almost less than 4 months you want to go from one extreme colour to another. I think it is important that you decide on the principle overall look that you want to achieve and why. When you feel comfortable inside about it then this will help you chose a colour and style that you will want to wear for several months. If you have a problem deciding this, then I advise you go to a salon that specializes in colour, they might be able to help you select a colour that suits your skin undertone and the final hair style. When embarking on colouring, you also have to bear in mind the on-going costs, especially as your roots might need regular care and touching up You do not want to find yourself back to square one, your roots are coming through, they look totally different to the rest of your hair, you cannot afford the up keep and so you end up changing things again in less than four months which, might be causing long term damage. There are many hairdressers registered in the directory, see if you can locate a colour technician near you and go and have a chat about what you are looking to achieve. Good luck

Laura asks:
I have brown hair and I also have extensions in but I now fancy a change so I am going to go blonde soon, but I would like to have extensions again as I will miss them. Is there such thing as highlighted hair extensions as I have looked everywhere can you also dye hair extensions (its milky way hair) please help?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Racoon Hair Extensions can be colour blended to virtually any hair colour. Your stylist will be able to create a block colour, highlights, lowlights - pretty much any look you want! I would suggest that you have your natural hair coloured first and then have a consultation with your stylist and explain the look and colour you would like. It may be that you do not even need to colour the natural hair as you can use the extensions to highlight your hair instead.

Jayde asks:
I am about to start a modern apprenticeship in Hairdressing and I cannot seem to find a hairdressers to give me a placement can you help me please?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Where are you starting your apprenticeship - in a college? I would have thought that they would have links with local salons so definitely ask your lecturer for advice. How are you approaching salons - just walking in, calling up? I would suggest dressing up smart, visiting as many salons in the area you live in and be prepared to offer your time for free in exchange for trial run. Hopefully once you get a relationship with the salon then your role within the salon will progress.

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