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Maria asks:
I have a side fringe but it always seems to part into sections and I always end up clipping it back. I want a more Indie look, do you think I should get more layers and shorter?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
I think the best solution is to make it thicker with more hair in the fringe. This makes sit heavier and will help keep it in place. It does not mean that the fringe needs to be cut completely blunt, it can still be cut slightly choppier. Something that would help is to connect your fringe with the rest of your hair that way if it does move it look as if its all part of your style rather than a fringe that has gone wrong.

Shazia asks:
I am 25 years old female my only problem is my thin hair, I am fed up of hiding my thin hair from others. Also I cannot make any style. I want to change my style, I have visited many salons but no one can satisfy me. On the upper portion of my head my hairs are very less how can I overcome my problem please give me some advice and a nice hair style.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
It sounds to me that you would be better of going towards something shorter. To make the upper portion of your hair look thicker I think a very good style is a graduated and slightly layered shorter bob. With the graduation in the back area that will support and push up the top hair and give it more body and make all of your hair look thicker. I would also just slightly layer the top area to emphasise more body and thickness. I would keep the bottom line of the hair cut blunt and sharp. The length of the hair cut all depends of what suits your face shape and obviously that would be best to make it look as thick as possible.

Chanel asks:
My hair gets greasy really easy and every time I wash it, nothing seems to help. What am I doing wrong or is there a shampoo and/or conditioner you can recommend?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
The best thing for you to do for overly greasy hair is to use a shampoo especially for greasy hair that has a built in conditioner as adding separate conditioner will over make your hair more greasy. I advise that you shampoo daily with Razzamatazz 3 in 1 shampoo.

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