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Ruby asks:
I would like to ask you about what is the best hair straighteners around now, Corioliss, GHD or HA or something else? Is it true the ionic ones and infra-red helps to improve the condition of the hair? My hairdresser suggested GHDs which I got about 3 years ago, but now the other new ionic straighteners have come out and temperature control features too. Which my hairdresser said are just some fancy terms that do not do much for the hair. Since you are the professionals, I hope to get some genuine advice. My hair is around the waistline, slightly damaged at the ends and I also have colours in my hair too)

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Basically no straighteners used to excess are good for your hair as they dry out the natural moisture. However, if you use a heat protective spray and limit usage to once a day maximum and regularly condition your hair then you should limit any damage done. The latest technology uses ionisers properties which provide essential moisture to enhance your colour and protect the hair whether it is colour treated or natural. Jade Ceramic Plates are also new, they heat up fast and maintain even temperatures minimising colour fade from damaging hot spots. The Jade ceramic technology smoothes and seals hair follicles, locking in moisture to enhance your colour. My new colour care straighteners include this technology and are available from Boots, Price 39.99.

Erik asks:
My hair is naturally mouse brown and wavy. I have a long shoulder-length modern mullet with thick unlayered bangs down to my eyes. I have it dyed to a 3n colour which fades quickly. I flat iron my hair every day to keep it pin straight and maintain an edgy look. However, when I first wash it, it looks way too fluffy. I need to weigh it down somehow to make it look heavier and not so light feeling. If I wash it in the morning it looks good that night due to the natural oils but then, the next day it looks alright in the morning but quite greasy by the evening. It also starts to develop some flaking at this point. My question is, how can I get my hair to not get so greasy so fast but still give it a bit of initial weight? I also need to use colour shampoos and conditioners to keep my hair from fading to red. I also do not like the dandruff which occurs. Essentially my hair is so high maintenance that I need a new hobby, but would like some help on these issues if you can suggest anything! Also, when I sleep the mullet gets all tangled and curly which is difficult to re-straighten.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
GOSH!! It sounds like a great amount of work that you are putting into your hair. I really thing you need to treat your scalp as a number 1 priority, you getting the dandruff for the amount of oil that your scalp its segregating. Get yourself a good shampoo that would dry your scalp but not deteriorate your colour, I will like to recommend the J.F. Lazartigue range first the Marine Shampoo. Now for your hair I would like to suggest a heavier conditioner, the moisturizing conditioner is great and try using the straightening balm which will help your hair to lock in moisture plus keep it straight for longer

Erica asks:
I have had very straight hair that is parted in the middle for my whole life and I am looking for something new. I was wondering what would look good with an oval face with a strong jaw line. I was thinking about getting bangs but I was not sure because my hair is not very thick, would it be okay anyway?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
You are very lucky, because having an oval shaped face will mean that you suit any hair style. If you feel that you want to soften your jaw line, have some wisps left at the front. Do not get full bangs. If you have a deep forehead you may want to get a wispy symmetrical bang. Do not get anything with too may layers as this will make your hair feel thinner.

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